No 64mp mode on vanilla camera app? [Zenfone 8/Zenfone 7/7 Pro]

tommydotwavtommydotwav Level 1
edited June 2021 in ZenFone 7 Series

So, I've been trying out the super cool cameras on my new Zenfone 7 and noticed right away that there's no 64mp mode in the camera app. This also has an impact in the definition of the photos when you zoom in, and I saw through reviews that the new Zenfone 8 is also lacking this option. I dived into settings with no luck trying to find a 64mp mode after realizing the pics were being compressed to 16mp.

I've heard that Asus does listen to their customers unlike lots of other companies in this market, and I really appreciate and congrat you guys for the hard work. I wonder if anyone has a solution for this could let me know, thanks!


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