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  • When will they fix the screen recording not recording the microphone input.? I hope they fixed this soon

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    I did some test with screen recording and here's what I found.

    When in game microphone is on, the screen recording with microphone audio will not pick up microphone sound. But when in game microphone is off, screen recording with microphone audio will work, it will pick up microphone sound. It seems that there is a conflict between in-game microphone and screen recording microphone. And this is happening to pubg mlbb when you open your in-game microphone.

    I hope the devs could fix this as soon as possible. I know this is a software issue, because the microphone recording is working, it just that when the in game microphone is on, it will not work.

    This issue is not present with my rog 3.

    Please fix this devs. As soon as possible..

    In game microphone on.

    In game microphone is off.

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    Asus put superb dac but yet it works only on paper. Very odd hi res music behaviour. Devs need to look at this asap. So when I play 32/384 audio in bit perfect mode (uapp, neutron) it converts? To 24packed/384 according to powershell logs. Also there is no dop (dsd over pcm) and native dsd playback. When play any dsd64-256 sample rate always 24packed/352. Datasheet says this dac can easily support up to dsd512 native or dop. So what the problem to code few more strings in order to get bit perfect and dsd support? The major factor to buy this phone for me was nice dac and abbility to listen bit perfect audio without any usb dongles, seems to be that was a mistake =/ And where is Asus music player??? Need to buy at least one in order to play music, ridiculous!

    Another misunderstanding or software or hardware bug is USB speed. In user manual it says middle type c offer usb3.2 gen1 data rate, than why speed the same when using bottom type c which is usb2.0???

    Smth wrong with battery calibration or software bug, odd behaviour. When it charged to 100% I can use phone for 40+ min browsing and battery dont drop even 1%. Than it began to drain.

    And my personal disappointment, how come asus didnt put hybrid second sim/sd card slot????? Storage melt too fast when people like me listen to dsd audio and play many games, I got 40gb free (256gb version). Super odd, Im thinking that was a bad choice of phone.

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    Asus deleting posts, 2021 and we have this behaviour.

    Fix bit perfect and dsd playback!

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    Add Bluetooth controller as in dualshock 4

  • Speaker performance has dropped call speaker volume is very low..and even while playing media...the speaker volume has dropped significantly..

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    Performance drop when the phone temperature reaches 48 °. The cpu clock drops to 1.19ghz. The framerate then becomes unstable and low in games like Genshin Impact.

    This is not normal for a gaming phone with the aerocooler plugged in.

  • Dac doesn't mean anything if other factors don't work with it. The output stage is arguably the most important aspect of the audio experience.

    As for your 32 vs 24bit, 24bit is more than enough and you cannot hear the difference between 32 and 24bit anyways, it's widely accepted that 32bit is simply placebo.

    Also if you buy a phone for an audiophile experience then your decisionmaking is very lacking. A phone simply will never be as good as something like a fiio m11 PERIOD.

    The USB speed should be pretty much 3.0+, I believe you might be using a bad cheap cable which only has USB 2.0 speeds.

    As for battery drain, correct, it's a software problem people are complaining about since a couple of months now.

    As for the SD card slot, I'm torn about it to be honest. While an SD card slot would be great to have, it is significantly slower than the UFS 3.1 on the phone, which causes some slowdowns here and there, most users don't know about this, it's just android things.

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    Need to tag Devs to this thread, can anyone do the honours?

  • Same here. Cannot play codm and oubg because of thw stuttering issues

  • I hope someine can tag this one to devs. These arebimportant concerns.bwven mods here don't repky also

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    Yep they need to be tagged. This thread is getting popular which is a good thing. Seems many bugs still left to be fixed

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    I hope this is a software though. Especially the xmode plus clockspeed which is not stable for 2.84Ghz. and the screen recording mic input is not working if ingame mic is on.

    This 8s not happening with the rog 3. So i hope this is a software. Not the same with the black crush in rog 3 which is a hardware.

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    Black crush is definitely hardware. Can't be fixed unless screen is replaced. And the clock speed issue yes is software.

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    Well. That gave a relief. I hope they will give the update for the fix on thisbone as soon as possible. This issue is already happening and over a month have passed. Two updates, i believe had gone, still no fix for this one.

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    List of bugs encountered by me:

    1) Battery Drain

    2) Stuttering issue

    3) Heats up like an iron

    4) lacks 90fps for pubgm

    5) camera captures blurry image

    6) touchscreen misbehaving

    7) Cpu rr fluctuation

    8) Gmail app not syncing

    & Counting

  • If asus stock cable is cheap 2.0 than agreed. Llllogic. As been advanced audiophile and vinyl recorder with quite impressive hardware there is a difference in 24 and 32. Asus just beeing lazy to code properly native dsd or dop support along side with their music player and bitperfect. DAC can do it no matter how they implement this on pcb.

  • There is no difference.

    Human hearing has a potential to hear up to a signal to noise ratio of 140dB, and thats when you're lucky and have been born with very good ears.

    24bit has a potential signal to noise ratio of 144db, which exceeds the human hearing. While in theory 32bit has a signal to noise ratio of 192db, which again makes no difference to the human ear.

    I don't care if you're a self proclaimed advanced audiophile, you cannot go against science. The fact that you're obviously unaware of this fact only showcases that you're nowhere near as advanced as you think you are. Also an advanced audiophile would never even consider the Rog5 over something like a fiio m11.

    i rest my case.

  • My eye's in pain to read this. U read 1-2 "science" articles and stoped. I assume u think u know everything about sound, well u are not even close buddy. I got not only fiio if u interested ;) But I am not here to judge u or ur tiny knowledge, its ur choice to dig more info or not. Rog have not bad audio but it can be improved, thats why I am here. So Asus pls consider to code properly audio output. Ty.

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