VoLTE and Wifi Calling on Zenfone 8



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    Shouldn't HD Voice be a standard function of a modern smartphone?

  • You need to add:

    Carrier: Telenor

    Country: Norway

    They support just about every other phone but ZenFone 8.

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin

    Yes, Zenfone 8 support with French operators are as below.

    Bouygues - VoLTE/VoWIFI

    Orange & SFR - VoLTE

  • But you've not got any networks in the UK supporting WiFi Calling?????, very poor indeed, even the basic OPPO phones WiFi Calling works with ALL UK networks

  • GermansGermans Level 1

    Can you confirm which UK operators Zenfone supports for VoLTE/VoWiFi? If there's any.

  • WOW, really working hard with Network Operators.....keep up the good work 😏

  • kryptonkrypton Level 1

    I wonder if Asus doesn't know the "GSMA Network Settings Exchange" where network operators provide the necessary settings to device manufacturers to get VoLTE, VoWIFI, etc. working.

    Sadly Asus seems not to use it: https://imeidb.gsma.com/nsx/nsxparticipants

    @CH_ASUS Do you think it is possible for Asus to use this option? I know my network operator provides the settings there.

  • We'll pass the link onwards , thanks!

    From what we know - the main task that takes time is not to get the "settings" themselves - but rather validate them - even though operators provide their settings to us - during the validation process we still may need to tweak them together with the operator.

    Every operator will be different - some work out of the box - some dont.

  • To be honest, most flagship phones and operators support VoLTE and VoWifi out-of-the-box nowadays. Could you please speed up this process?

    With the code posted earlier in this thread I could easily get this to work on Elisa in Finland, but the setting does not survive reboot.

    Given that 3G networks are getting worse all the time, VoLTE and VoWifi really need to be supported from day 1. Not "someday, maybe"!

  • We are validating with Elisa Finland. We need their help to speed up, not just our own.

    The reason why you "easily could get it to work" in Finland, is because we already load our mbn for them - but without help and verification from the operator - we may not enable it.

  • GermansGermans Level 1

    Any plans to engage with UK operators? On my previous OnePlus Nord VoLTE/VoWiFI was working absolutely fine on 3 (UK).

  • LaciLaci Level 2

    Hy. I am from Hungary! Please Vodafone Magyarország' give me VoLTE calling! Thanks

  • Yes, there are already plans but the "end date" when validation can complete is not clear to us.

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    Hello. I'm in Italy and the carrier is Vodafone, I'm not getting volte or vowifi, the device isn't in the list of supported phones on Vodafone.it. I was getting it on my old xiaomi.

    I do get HD calls tho. Call quality is hit or miss, it's always good on my side, but sometimes I've been told they can't hear me well. I'd say 90% of the time is ok

    Putting the code in the dialer don't do anything, wifi calls setting appears but I think it's something else.


  • Just by googling this issue I can see Asus mobile phone customers have been requesting WiFi Calling for more than 3 years..... That's round about when Oneplus became a smart phone producer and all their phones support WiFi Calling with all major networks in UK, yet Asus are not supported by Any!!!, what gives?, why the lack of support?

  • Maybe for older phones it is like you've described. If you'll read this thread, you can see that VoLTE/VoWiFi has been enabled for some operators since Zenfone 8 has been released. More carriers supported are coming ;)

  • LaciLaci Level 2

    Hungary? Vodafone? Once more I ask!

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    Because of very poor call quality I have returned 7 Pro and it's nothing about VoLTE or VoWiFi, I don't even care them very much. It must be something else. It's not normal that call quality of new flagship phone is worse then in old Nokia phones. I was very disappointed, because I really liked 7 Pro, but I call a lot and I couldn't keep the phone with so bad call quality. I had a lot of phones and never had such a problem. As I can see nothing is changed in this matter 😕 But away, it is strange that VoLTE works with custom roms and it doesn't work with official Asus OS. I use Xiaomi Mi 9 and it's not on the list of supported phones of my provider, but I can use VoLTE and doesn't matter if I use custom roms or official MIUI rom. There is a code that I have to use to stop checking carriers and it works. I don't understand why it is so big problem for Asus.

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