Dlink USB Type C hub not recognised

ioankoioanko Level 1
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Recently i bought a dlink usb type c hub (model dub m810). However the hub is not recognised by my zenbook (model ux425ja) when connected to the type c port.

If i connect it using also the laptop' s power charger connected to the hub then it is recognised, but the laptop cannot charge!

Any ideas ?


  • gabrio81gabrio81 Level 2

    i have had mixed experiences with USB C Hubs, unfortunately some will be compatible and some will not, i am using an HP G2 usb c/a and it's working OK.

    I get the charging via USB-c and there's only a small issue with mouse lag on the laptop's screen when it's on extend mode, which actually works OK on my vivobook.

    I would say it depends, you could have to try with another hub to find one that works well for you.

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