ausu zenbook pro duo 15 UX581LV.305

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Hi, i just bought ausu zenbook pro duo 15 UX581LV.305 recently and am experiancing an issue. everytime i sign into windows, the windows notification centre always alerts me that my laptop needs to restart to finish setting up devices. however i don't have anything else it needs to setup? everything is up to date and i don't know why this message comes up. if i do a restart then the message goes away. any idea why this is happening? any help would be very appreicated.


  • Hi Daniele,

    Can you help to check in Windows update to see if there is any update that haven't been completed?

    If all the update has been completed, may you check in update history to see if there was any specific update before the issue occurred?

    Thank you.

  • hi blake_ASUS,

    i have done all the updates that windows update can do and even check manually if there was anything else that may need updating, and it is all up to date. i also check all the history and everything was successfully installed under all the tabs. i don't know what is causing this. and today when i powered on, 2 messages came up saying i needed to restart.

  • Hi Daniele,

    Please kindly help to record log for us.

    I have sent the tools through PM.

    Thank you.

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