Screen protector life hack

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edited July 2021 in ZenFone 6

If you are looking for a good screen protector for the Zenfone 6, you might have noticed that there isn't a whole lot of options to choose from.

If you want a tempered glass screen protector, my advice is to buy a screen protector made for one of the following phones:

Xiaomi Mi 9T / 9T Pro

Redmi K20 / K20 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Screen protectors made for these phones will fit zhe Zenfone 6 perfectly, because all of these phones have 6,4" screen with rounded corners, just like our ZF6.

I use these screen protectors ever since I got the phone, so I thought I share this little trick with you. Aliexpress has tons of these tempered glass screen protectors for super cheap, so I buy them from there


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