Asus Zenbook 14 UX425E Stopped Displaying Over USB-C

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Hello. I have come across an issue with my new notebook.

I purchased a Dell P3421W which has the capability of DisplayPort over USB-C (I don't believe it has Thunderbolt). I set it up the other morning and had it all working as it should. Had a USB-C cable connected between the Zenbook and the monitor, had display running, Zenbook charging, USB ports on the monitor all working fine. Everything was fine and dandy and working perfectly.

I did a days work and at the end of the day shut down the laptop (it did an update) and went home. Come back the next morning and just randomly no display signal from the USB-C input. Was still charging and USB ports working, but no display signal. I spent the whole morning troubleshooting, chatting to Asus tech support, trying all sorts of things and just nothing would work. I tried my colleagues MacBook with the exact same cable and instantly the display came up and all was working great! Unplug, try Zenbook again and nothing, so I know it's not the monitor. If I plug it in via HDMI-HDMI, all works perfectly.

I followed all the guides on troubleshooting, even did a factory reset (as recommended by Asus after everything else failed) and even that didn't help. I really don't want to have to send it in as it's my main work laptop and I need it. Asus Tech Support said that if factory reset didn't work I will have to send it to them for diagnostic.

To me it seems like a driver issue, but the fact it didn't work still even after a reset possibly makes me think otherwise. I've installed the Logitech Graphics Drivers from the Asus downloads center (for this model) and that hasn't helped at all.

Any other suggestions I can try before sending it in for RMA?



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