Battery Fully Flat - Wrong Date/Time in Windows - UX325EA

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  1. Battery or AC: Both
  2. Model: Zenbook UX325EA
  3. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  4. Reset OS: Yes

System: Windows 10S========================

Detailed description:

I've not been using my laptop as much lately. I last booted this on the 27th April and did all the relevant updates that were available, this included the 304 BIOS Update and relevant drivers through Windows Update.

Came to boot the laptop today and it wouldn't boot, connected the charger and eventually it booted. I got into Windows and it was still showing the date as 27/04/21. I had to manually change this. (The battery was above 90% before it was shut down on this date)

The question is why?

This is the first time I've ever had bad battery drain with the laptop being shut off. It's always been an acceptable drain, so what's changed?

I've updated everything again today, including the 305 BIOS (Which I'm thinking is the culprit)

Plan of action

I'll look at charging this to 100% whilst it's turned off, boot it and check the percentage. I'll then turn off the laptop and leave it for a few days and see what happens

So what's happened or why has it?

Has anyone got any ideas? or had similar things happen lately?

Edit: I've also noticed it won't charge to 100% or be classed as fully charged? Just sat at 99% and then says anything between 5-8 minutes until fully charged? This time passes and it doesn't ever hit 'Fully Charged?


  • Hi there,

    Please kindly check if the laptop is completely turned off before you close the lid.

    Please share the result of your action, hope that the issue is just one time.

    Please kindly understand that after the battery reaching 80%, charging speed would slow down for stable and safe performance. So it would take a much longer time for 99% to reach 100%.

    Thank you.

  • Yeah, the lid was fully down.

    After updating to the latest BIOS 305, i've not had any drain over the lsat 2 days.

    I'm starting to think there was an issue with BIOS 304.

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