Battery indicator issue 🔋

My asus rog phone 5 shutdown due to low battery. I plugged it in and turned it on normally. I had set charging limit to 90% but when i checked after some time it had already charged to 99%. Now it has been staying at 99% for the last 45mins even though i was using the phone, and even played games for 20mins.



  • Hi,

    Please share your software version:

    Go to setting => System => About => Software information.

    Make sure you are on:

    Try charging cycle:

    Charge battery to above 90% and discharge while using till 10% repeat for 2-3 cycles

    Factory reset

    If none of the above work please report back.

  • BugbearBugbear Level 1
    edited 3:51PM

    On normal use this doesnt happen, it happens only after phone shutsdown due to low battery. It was resolved after first cycle. Now sometimes battery charges to 91% but it goes down normally.

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