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I don't believe I have an OCD but when it comes to screen savers I may be a tiny bit that way inclined.

I had a pixel 5 for a short while and to tell the truth about it the best thing was being able to purchase a product called,, align pro,( or something like that) for the phone. It is an incredibly simple device,a simple frame that fits over the phone and centres the tempered glass screen protector right smack dab in the middle of the phone. When done the screen protector would be perfectly centred and if you were careful with dust totally bubble free.

The bigger the phone the harder this feat usually is . I am curious if anyone has a tip to share in this endeavour?!?

PS I am in line for the zenfone Mini as soon as it's available in Australia,I am over these big screens,all I want out of a phone these days is android Auto and Miracast oh and the occasional phone call LoL


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    I don't know, I applied tempered glass on ZF7 without a problem.

    I understand the simple rule which works for me - the more accurate I'm trying to apply a glass, the worse result I will get (bubbles, dust etc)🤣

    Asus is not very popular, comparing with Apple or Samsung. I wouldn't expect such tools for glass/screen film application. I understood what you described, I had this for Honor 10.

  • Hiw about paying a service if you cannot do it yourself? I have put at least 2 screen protectors until now on this phone and it is quite straight forward if you follow the rules and try not to contaminate the protector with dust particles ... I mean there is no whole on this screen so there is no issue aligning it. Just keep in mind not to cover the proximity sensor which is on top pf the screen, otherwise your camera might misbehave ...

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    I understand what you are saying I had Nokia Lumia phones for years and everytime I put a protector on them it was easy and bubble free. I think these days with the curved screens it's hard for the companies to make them perfect.

    I managed to get one on tonight with only one tiny little speck in the top left corner, but yes you are right, the more you try the more you scrrw it up . I always order about 3 or 4 at a time for this reason,

    I can't help myself I am not a perfectionists, except when it comes to screen protector. It drives my wife crazy so all good LoL 🤣

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    I came across a tip for putting on tempered glass screen protectors bubble free.

    Apparently the best place to do it is the bathroom. The trick is to turn on the shower,hot water only and let the room fill with steam then turn it off. Apparently the dust sticks to the water/ moisture eg steam and will fall to the floor as the steam settles.

    I have tried it and it actually works.

    Only for OCD people like me LoL 🤣

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