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So finally Asus is going to target Australia with the zenfone 8 series. Any clues when we will be able to purchase one from Asus online au??? PS the zen Mini is the one I'm after


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    I stumbled on this info:

    Zenfone 8 price and release date

    The Zenfone 8 launched on May 12 and starts at €499 (in the US it’s expected to cost $599, which is around £425 / AU$769) for 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It’s also available in configurations up to 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for an expected $799 (around £565 / AU$1,025). The Zenfone 8 comes in two colors: a matte Obsidian Black and silver-framed, white-colored Horizon Silver.

    The Zenfone 8 Flip will have a far more limited release, and Asus has confirmed that it won’t be coming out in the US. In Europe it will retail for €799, which is around $970 / £690 / AU$1,240). 

    Those prices are similar to what we saw for the Zenfone 7 and Zenfone 7 Pro, although the Zenfone 8 seems nominally cheaper than its predecessor, likely owing to its static camera and simpler design. That makes the Zenfone 8 a potentially tempting proposition, undercutting phones like the Google Pixel 5 and OnePlus 9 by around $100, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 by $200. While those phones have some advantages (notably their cameras), the Zenfone 8 does feature top specs at a very competitive price.

    Source; https://www.techradar.com/reviews/asus-zenfone-8

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    Hi DecVe thanks for the information it's the Mini I am after. I'm over big phones,my main uses for a phone is obviously to make calls, android Auto and Miracast function so I can't really justfy buying another big screen device.

    Thanks 👍 again .

    PS at the prices advertised I would only have to tip in about $100 AU after selling this ZenFone 7 . Not bad it usually costs me 2 to 2.5 times that much when updating a recently released phone.

    Well done Asus.

  • For the latest information on where to buy, please check this thread


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