Full dark mode on ZenUI

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So, I got myself a Zenfone 7 few days ago. Gorgeous phone, I love it so far, but I just noticed that dark mode doesn't cover all apps.

Any thoughts on this? Did you experienced it aswell? Thanks!



  • TagionTagion Level 2

    It only covers asus own apps/UI. They can't properly add dark mode to third party apps. The app developers need to add it themselves

  • MIUI from Xiaomi does very solid work on this, maybe the dev team behind ZenUI can check it out! I understand this may be hard to code, so I try to don't mind much about it anyways.

    If they do implement a global dark mode in a further update that would be just a w e s o m e.

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5

    I think the new zen ui 8 on Zenfone 8 forces dark mode on third party apps too

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