Problem right airtrigger (Red)

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Hi, my tencent version of rog 5 has problem on right airtrigger only when phone its cold: the airtrigger does not work correctly but only begins to function as soon as the phone starts to heat up (for example, after a few minutes of starting cod mobile it works fine). is it my problem alone? thank you


  • HRSHRS Level 1

    I have similar problems with the triggers. Sometimes the triggers do not register presses even when the push sensitivity is set to full high with sensitivity boost on. I contacted ASUS support. they said to factory reset my phone. I still sometimes face this similar issue even after resetting my device. Just to clarify, I was on ASUS factory firmware when i purchased my phone. I updated to latest WW.840 version and then this problem apperaed.

  • I confirm you that the problem its real with the original firmware and updated. My problem exist with the original firmware and with the recent update.

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