ZenWiFi AX (XT8) - Frequent disconnects @ 160 MHz bandwidth after FW 43169

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Hi all, Does somebody else experience something similar with FW for XT8, which has just been released on 2021/05/07?

FW for XT8 introduced an annoying wireless backhaul connection stability issue - which I never experienced with the XT8 system before.

I'm used to a very stable AX backhaul at 160 MHz with TX/RX rates of about 2000M, with almost no disconnects ... so this newly introduced stability issue comes as a real surprise 🤔

As soon as I enable 160 MHz band for full speeds on the backhaul connection, regardless if the physical layer is set to AC or AX, the connection is lost once about every 15 minutes.

This results in RDP connections to go into reconnect mode, TeamViewer connections don't retry long enough and are lost, movies which are stored on the other side of the backhaul and played via SMB stutter for about 5 seconds ... this is really annoying if it happens at least once in every 15 minutes @ 160 MHz.

The situation improves a bit when I force the backhaul to 80 MHz, with 80 MHz there is one connection loss in about every 45 minutes. Still not perfect, especially for Movies/TV Series.

All of this I haven't experienced since March 2020 with any of the previous FW releases...

So far I have played around en-/disabling WiFi Agile Multiband, Target Wake Time and Authentication Method set to WPA2 or WPA3 - this all doesn't seem to matter much, the deciding factor for how often the short disconnects happen for me currently is 80 MHz vs. 160 MHz bandwidth.

Please let me know any hints you have 👍️

Thanks in advance, Udo

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