Asus TwinView Dock 3 Features?

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Hello All,

I bought TwinView Dock 3 recently, is there any method to make the screen

  1. Use one as a keyboard/mouse/controller and another one for gaming
  2. Extend the screen
  3. Choose landscape and portrait mode

Will asus consider those features?


  • RazgrizRazgriz Level 2

    Sadly, no..

    Or not yet..

  • How is it to use?

    Can you put it in your pockets and how does that feel? Does it get to big with the twinview?

    Do you use it all day long and never take it off?

    What do you mainly use it for?

    Im considering getting a twinview dock since the prise have dropped alot. Im planning to just attach it and never take it off again. Or is it just to big to fit comfortable in your pocket?

    Anything else good to know?

  • RazgrizRazgriz Level 2

    Ofc it wont fit on pocket 😂

    But u can put it on sling bag..

    I personally use this..

    Its small, but can fit all of rog phone acc, exclude mobile desktop dock..

    i use twinview to multitask, like game grinding with auto mode on top screen, and serious game like pubg or genshin on bottom screen..

    For productivity, i can use top screen to open google map and some doc or else on bottom screen..

    Its built in 5000mah battery really help for longer use while outside..

  • cnoberiocnoberio Level 2

    Worth it for multi tasking with multiple apps but shitty when gaming as to graphics... the phone screen will be a bit grainy when the twin view dock 3 is connected.. They haven't got back to me yet on that matter..

  • There is no method to achieve anything in the above, there seem to be a lot of software related caveats I think to getting apps working on two screens. They could have implemented portrait mode but they don't want to as per @cnoberio's post which I am unable to find atm. I think this accessory has a lot of potential just requires some support. Using it only for streaming games is under-utilizing it.

  • HydemusHydemus Level 1

    just want to ask ,, can we turn off the display on twinview or the phone if we just want to use 1 display? it's a simple feature that this twinview shoulf have...

  • No you cannot you have to have both on or none.

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