Google discovery feed not working anymore

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In the past 2 days this google discovery feed is not opening any link whatsoever. After scrolling to the button and trying the next page, he thing closes automatically. After a while it gives me messages that it has crashed...

Asus what did you forget to implement in this A11 since I am having more and more issues with this device.

I made a video about it.


  • It appears to be a problem of the asus launcher. I reset the google app and it behaves the same. But if I go to the same feed from google search bar the links are working. Only when I go from left screen it is not.

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    Try clearing app data of Asus launcher

    A last resort will be a factory reset if you haven't done it before

    That solves any weird bugs that some see after updating to an new os version

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    Dude, I have updated the OS more than 3 weeks before. Since then I performed a lot of factory resets...( At least 5). This is not the case here. This feed worked fine until 2 days ago. Since 2 days it is behaving like this. No matter what I click it is not opening.

    Also I have cleared cache for both google app and asus launcher. Still it is not working.

  • Here is another video explaining why I think it is a launcher issue. When I have the feed from launcher it does not open any link. Bit if I start the feed from search app(which is the same) everything goes fine ..

    I had to use it as a link since the file was too large...

  • CVonCCVonC Level 2

    Hmm it's currently working fine for me on A11. What about clearing app data for Android System WebView?

  • Same thing... I cleared it and it is the same. It must be something from the asus launcher that does not work. Cause I as shown in the second video, if I open the same feed but from google search bar it works just fine ...

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4

    It's working ok for me to. The only thing I have noticed is when you go to discovery eg swipe right,it will sometimes say at the top , can't refresh discovery at the moment, but if you try it does in fact refresh discovery everytime. Links all open aok.

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    I have found the root cause if this... I was a beta tester for google app. Once I removed the beta app and installed everything is working fine. So either Asus forgot to add some code or google relies on something that this A11 rom does not contain. I had to get out of beta for now ... This post can be closed

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    Looks like an google beta version issue some on android 10 (Zenfone 5z) had this bug too reinstalling helped like in your case

  • I did not reinstall it. I left the beta :)but maybe...

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