I want justice,please help

i got a call asus person that i can get a free replacement regarding my screen burn in and restarts

after one week of submission ,i called the service center and they told me that sir mb and display part has been approved when i asked them, they told me that display and mb will fixed within a week ,how can they say to me that display module is approved and after 2 weeks they just fixed mb and told me display cannot be serviced ,i mean how can they just tell me that display part is approved and then after 2 weeks just the mb

service center are responsible for providing me wrong information in the first place by telling that display approved for sure

how can they do that to me

i am really disappointed with their service, and tele customer care even called before a week and told me device is ready and i can take it back but when i travelled for 2 hours and reached the service center they told mb is yet to come

what the hell is going on in there

they gave me word that display module is approved and we will fix it in no time and they turned against it

pathetic service and

now i am demanding display module to be fixed like the service guys told me they would and i am demanding it

or else consumer court will be only option to go against asus and that service center for providing faulty info, for miss leading me into all of this

please help me in suing those service service executives for miss leading me that display part is approved and then turning against it

i demand display module to be fixed just like they said

please help me, i want justice

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