8K, 4K 60 & slow motion above 4K 120 is forced saved in the internal storage.

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Model Name: ZenFone 7

Firmware Version:

Rooted or not: Not

APP name & APP Version: Camera

Version - "Below files would be saved in internal storage". 8k, 4k 60 and slow motion 4k 120

In the previous update all video recordings were saved in the MicroSD (if it's the chosen saved location), but in this version even though the set location is in the MicroSD; it says "below files would be saved in internal storage". Backwards move, this update. My 400 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro is more than enough to handle these video recording modes, as I have already recorded several videos exceeding the 20 min mark.

If this is to safeguard the overheating problem in some zen 7/7 pro phones, as to limit the recording duration; it's a band-aid solution, really a bad move. Hope they seriously fix this up in the upcoming update.


  • CVonCCVonC Level 2

    Hmm I wonder if it was the same on A10. I never checked. But yeah that's a pretty fail limitation if the mSD card can handle it :/

  • 1Steve1Steve Level 1

    It was indeed the same on A10. When I updated to the A11 update last 14-04-21 - "" everything was fine. I always keep logs on my updates. I screenshot every single update so I have a point of reference.

    When I record 8K or 4K 60 lengthy videos, I always transfer it at the end of the day to my laptop. A day later after the update, I recorded an 8K video. When I was searching through my MicroSD directory for the video, I couldn't find it.

    I then thought of searching it in the internal storage, then lo and behold it was there. I then checked my camera settings to look into whether the chosen saved location is still set on the MicroSD option and it still is, but now it has changed. This conditional setting is whacked. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Yeah, doesn't make sense to me. Even 8K bitrate (around 108mbps = 12MBps) doesn't saturate most microsd cards write speeds. Why are we "dumbing" down the freedom of choice here? First forced wide angle lens on third party apps selfies and now this.

  • eddddedddd Level 2

    I also noticed this. Recording to SD card worked fine at 4K 60fps before...

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    The reason why is because a lot of users use a slow SD-card and they won't understand why the circle animation never stops when they have recorded a long 4K60fps video. This is best case scenario. It can also result in the camera freezing/crashing. So removing this possibility was the best/fastest way to ensure we have a good user experience when recording 4K60FPS with SD-Card selected as storage.

    But I've forwarded your feedback to our devs and asked them of there might be a different solution


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