Keyboard Issues Rog Strix G733 QS HGT 015



  • The firmware update on Windows Update has also resolved my problem. The fix wasn't immediate, but after a reboot, my keyboard started flashing after 5 minutes, at this point it started working.

  • Hello guys I have G733QR(rtx3070) model and after the last Windows update as have been mentioned by @z.master666 the issue has been resolved.

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    This update had NO effect on my system...

    let me guess, you all have a QWERTY setup keyboard?

    edit: ill try a format once more, as I did try a lot to get it going weeks ago

  • My keyboard has Greek layout. Did you check if you install the updates via Windows update? Also i have to say mine take about two restarts and 5 min to completely resolve this issue.

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    Good to know…

    at this end, after a clean install still no change. sigh

    The thing is that it actually works (at least my left shift key), during the windows setup process. Also that keyboard update in the myasus app, still gives the error “there is no keyboard firmware found in the install file”

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    Its working here now as well!!!

    Thanks to everyone that helped out here to clear this up

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    Dear all,

    Sorry for my late update. I was on funeral leave.

    Is the new firmware (ASUS Component Firmware Update) is released on Windows update, so you will be receiving it.

    The firmware will be put on MyASUS and Armoury Crate in the next few days.

    You can update it through Device manager too.

    Thank you.

  • Nothing has changed... left shift and left fn still don't work

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