Keyboard Issues Rog Strix G733 QS HGT 015



  • szilvioszilvio Level 1

    So i've sent it back to repair and have it again since 10 days.

    In this very day i have the same problem again after an update of MyAsus this time.

    No left shift no fn keys.

    i've not much symphaty anymore...this Notebook does not worth his price if a user should each time send it back to repair after an update.

    Has anyone else the same problem again?

  • Is just an update issue Asus must resolve this as soon as possible!!!! There is no problem in this product is just a fault update...

  • Also having this issue. I was told to submit an RMA request for collection and repair and my request was rejected as " asus can not tell if this was induced damage or not"

    I am extremely angry, your bios update broke my keyboard left shift and function keys. I went through the trouble shooting steps and they did not work.

    I have submitted a complaint and talked to customer support. I will be taking this further if I need to.

  • Hi guys. I have a same problem... there is no lightning on my keyboard, after update from MyAsus program... But keyboard is working. well. And now while i'm trying to update my keyboard from the same place (MyAsus program) it close and dont want to flash my keyboard.... Please help Asus

  • szilvioszilvio Level 1

    i would like to agree with you but it happends the 2nd time now..

    Bout times the same issue so i've not much patience nor sympathy...

    there's no way to expect from the owners to wipe each times the data send back for repair and install everything..

    not mentioned that time it takes for repair..

  • I think and i hope to be an update fault. We need to keep up the pressure on them. For me its my first "BIG" laptop and pc and im not willing to give up. Here in Greece i tried to give it for repair and they told to exchanged it for onother brand and i refuse them just in hope to resolve with an update....

  • Hi Patrick,

    Please share your product SN in the PM I send you.

    So the issue happen you update BIOS 319? not keyboard firmware?

    Thank you.

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    Hello there,

    You seem to have a different issue. Do you have lightning issue only? Or you have SHIFT key and FN key issue as well?

    And you have G733QS or G733QR?

    If you have another model or issue, please kindly open another thread to discuss.

    Also, it would be great if you can help specify which update in MyASUS are you referring to.

    Thank you.

  • Ihave the same issue with fn and shift key after bios and keyboard firmware update. is it a joke ?? they asked me send back the pc here in france to the fnac store. for 3k euros it's a big joke.

  • Same issue here too. Left Shift and both Fn keys stopped working after update.

    What's Asus official solution to this???

    I suggest to refund us with the full purchase price, so we can buy a more reliable Dell laptop...

  • Dear all,

    Thanks to the help of @AntiXeon , we have gather more and clearer information of this issue.

    The issue is mostly with EMEA keyboard, because the setting went wrong during the update.

    The solution is on the way, now under verification.

    If you have urgent need, please kindly send the device to service center to reflash the KB firmware.

    Really sorry for the inconvenience caused. I will keep posting the progress here.

    Hi @yassine.rafrafi & @antonello.vuolo ,

    Please share the product SN in the PM I send you.

    Thank you very much.

  • can not send the device and wait for the keyboard firmeware update that will solve this issue ?

  • verfaiverfai Level 1
    edited June 2021

    same problem here, been braking my head trying to fix it, without having to send it back...this solution is software based or does it still require us to send it back?

  • kricskrics Level 1

    Same here, MyAsus updated my bios to 319

    I was with 317 and left shift, <>, all both FN keys was working

    Now it doesn't

    Also keyboard light doesn't work

    Hope a new firmware will fix it

    I can't send computer...

  • Hello verfai,

    If you have urgent need, please kindly send the device to service center to reflash the KB firmware.

    Thank you.

  • Helo krics,

    can you double check if the issue happened after the BIOS update or KB firmware update?

    If you can share the screenshot of your MyASUS or Windows update history, would be great.

    Thank you.

  • any update about any potential fix like a new kb firmware update ? (I mean without sending the pc back)

  • verfaiverfai Level 1

    No don’t have urgent needs, I can use the other right shift key and adapt functions in Windows, it’s just a big inconvenience.

    Waiting for a software/firmware fix is better than having to send it back and what this expensive notebook will endure during shipping.

    If Asus needs any information feel free to ask, I know there was bios and windows update around the same time when the left shift, < and both fn keys stopped working.

  • kricskrics Level 1

    Here my screen of MyAsus

    317 was updated by windows update

    Before 319 update fn keys was working

    For the light i don't know if it was working or not ?

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