Asus Premium Care for Expertbook B9450 in the UK

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Has anyone any experience of Asus Premium Care in the UK for the current "top of the range" Expertbook?

It seems impossible to buy. It's not listed on the official Asus UK store, only Premium Care products for the lesser non-business laptops (?). The main UK Asus vendor say they think I would be able to buy it direct from Asus once I register the laptop purchase, but are not sure 😬

I know the product exists, as I can see Premium Care for Expertbooks on the Asus Australian store. I have tried to ask Asus UK, but they just direct me back to the offical Asus UK vendor.

So if any UK B9450 user could take a look in their MyAsus app and see if purchasing Premium Care was an option I'd sure appreciate it.


  • Ok, as a test I installed the MyAsus Android app and entered a real serial number of a an Expertbook B9450 there. It showed me an option to buy Premium Care. But when I selected it the Options for what I could actually buy was blank. Maybe this is due to the serial number and would work ok with a brand new device...I don't know. If anyone does it would be great to know.

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    Hi Nick,

    May you try the MyASUS app on your laptop?

    I will check with related department as well.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks Blake. I am unable to try the MyAsus App on the laptop as I didn't buy it yet :)

    I was trying to determine before purchase what warranty it had. And that turned into an impossible question to answer. Now I have ordered the laptop, and will try the app when it arrives to see if there is an option.

  • Hi Nick,

    I see.

    Well...each laptop is having different warranty condition.

    So in some channel, you are able to buy the warranty extension once you choose the device you want.

    Or in offline store, they have some general package for warranty extension, like a gift card, so you can buy separately and know the package in advance.

    But for buying from us, we need to actual product SN to confirmed the package for you.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Blake. I can post my real Expertbook B9450 product SN here for you to check? Or can I send to you some other way?

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    If it helps you, here you see the Expertbook Premium Care for sale in Canada;


    But not in UK! Why?


  • Hi Nick,

    I have send you PM, you can share the SN there.

    Each region can have there own package according to the marketing strategy, but those kind of package might be local warranty, not international ones.

    Hope you can understand.

    Thank you.

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