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  2. Firmware Version: A11
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This is a question I've been looking for an answer to for a while.

How do I look after the Flip Camera to prolong its life? Yes I know it has been tested and should be quite durable however occasional random noises make me a little anxious. Granted, these noises would occasionally occur since when I started using the phone for the first time but it still scares me everytime.

Can someone give me some tips on how to clean and look after the camera?


  • Those noise which you hear are totally normal and shows that motor is getting some power to get its work done. and so there nothing much to worry about. As you said fliping module is definetly much durable and tested. For more care and avoid unwanted flipping you can use back cover having a latch/lock to flip camera.

    What do you mean by random noises? Does it occur when you are doing nothing on phone?? Or does it make noise only when any camera app is running??

    If there are random noises happening without touching ur device or without any camera app usage than this is something to look into and here you can try to clear camera permissions of background running apps and check again.

  • It tends to occur on most apps that have the an in app camera like Snapchat and Instagram where I don't open the smart key but I still hear the motor running without the camera itself moving.

    But also is there any extra effort I can do to preserve its life? Like how often should I clean it from dust for example? And also how durable is it when it comes to water? I know you shouldn't put water anywhere near it but how much water can it take just so I know?

  • Whenever you hear the motor without the camera moving, means that it's making sure the camera is pulled all the way in. This is by design and nothing to worry about. The camera has been tested for at least 200 000 flips which is 100 flips per day for 5 years. But it's not like it will break after 200K flips. There's nothing saying that your device won't make twice as many flips.

    The number one effort you could make to prolong the life of your phone is to NOT DROP IT. And make sure to use the ASUS active case or even better, the Rhinoshield solidsuit case, so it's well protected if you do happen to drop it.


  • kr0mkakr0mka Level 2

    Basically what Anders said, plus personally, frome time to time I clean my zf7 from all the dust and pocket lint with a soft brush, just to make sure nothing that's collecting in the gap beetwen the phone and camera module comes into the mechanism.

  • Alright then noted I have both those cases actually I haven't dropped it more than 3 times so I'm proud myself there haha

    And what about water resistance? It doesn't have an IP rating I know but the phone has protective seals around the port for example right?

    And how much water can the camera withstand? I'm not putting it in water of course but I'm curious so I know how to look after it better

  • kr0mkakr0mka Level 2

    I don't think you'll receive any official response about that, as if any official would make claim about it, then it would be easily disputed and make headlines if the phone wouldn't hold up as long underwater as they said. It didn't get IP certification for a reason.

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