[5z] Before Saying A Final Good Bye To A Deserving Device.

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  1. Model Name: ZS620KL
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not:NOT
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:ALWAYS
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):SYSTEM

Its really very hard to see GOOD BYE'S:(

It was a great journey with Asus Since Android 8 to Android 10 With 5z.

But whats most hurting is Asus would have Atleast given Zenfone 5z a final Good deserving firmware with latest security patch and few important bug fixes like power master & many other mentioned issues earlier. For one last time before giving up on it.

Developers can take there time but atleast provide a latest security patch.

With version 123 we got january security patch in month of march & so this is not done for a great flagship like 5z.just After 8 days of update security patch indication became red in settings. This is bad user experince.

Common Atlast Zenfone 5z is a Flagship and what i can only say is for Good user experinces & reputation of a brand. please dont let Good Hardware ruin with such kind of software. it really deserves a FINAL Good firmware before saying a Final GOOD BYE.

I hope we will receive a latest security patch and few important bug fix like powermaster which is basic feature of a device before FINAL GOOD BYE:(

For one last time Asus.

WE Are Waiting....... 😔

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  • and let me write what is understood from this article. there is no new update anymore. bye bye Asus. we exhausted ourselves in vain.

  • To say a last word, I guess I should say the following. thanks Asus. You got us begging for a lousy update or two. I will not get Asus from now on even for free. Long live Xiaomi.

  • A phone with this hardware could only be so bad with your software. Bravo Asus. Thank you very, very much

  • Officially active support for 5z has been ended.

    Passive support means that there's no FOTA schedule. The latest update will probably not be the last one but when/if they might see one depends on what major bug or security issue that might arise.

    Regarding the reports sent by me recently those are bug logs. That is something they have looked at and might consider for a possible future update.

    So i want system more stable before they stop for flagship like 5z.

    Also they have not provided latest security patch with 123 version.

    Atleast 5z deserves a happy Good bye.


  • Xiaomi also has a 2 update policy so phones that launched alongside 5z like poco will also stay on android 10

    This is if "all goes well" but again hydrogen os beta is scheduled to start in August, OOS beta is after H2OS sometimes days or weeks

    So OnePlus 6 might get android 11 stable by Q1 2022 globally

    And by their past schedule we know they push really buggy android upgrades especially if it's an 3rd one (2nd too now)

    OnePlus 5's initial android 10 was very buggy and they pushed patch fixes including a critical eis not working bug after 5 months and ended support for the phone

    So a 2nd stable update>3rd late and buggy from what we see with OnePlus etc

  • Recently switched to S20 FE 5G, so won't be frequenting the forum as much as I used to. I have not sold my 5z yet. It is a phone that has been with me through a lot and in spite of the lack of service and everything from ASUS, I would like to say it was a wonderful wonderful device and the best in its times. In fact, I would still trust 5z + GCam night sight for taking the best photograph in a challenging dark situation. I personally do not prefer heavy devices, all these phones now weigh 225-250 gms which makes it feel as if you are carrying a brick in the pocket. 5z was an amazing piece of hardware hitting the right spots everywhere and it looked awesome too.

    That being said, a little more support, a little more feature addition from ASUS could have helped. This device had a lot of potential and sorry to say but towards the end ASUS ruined it. Yes, we do deserve at least a more stable firmware and the latest security patch. And no ASUS probably won't provide it going by their record. But it is worth a try.

    Lastly, to all moderators and fellow members, you have all been actively helpful throughout so thank you. I guess this is goodbye. But one last solid update for all 5z users would be perfect. Keep doing the good work.


  • We just want a stable android 10 version. It is certain that there will be no android 11 for the zenfone 5z. but an android 10 full of bugs is really humiliating the user.

  • Very true Zenfone 5z still stands stronger in front of all other Zenfone flagships. And hence we want stable build. Saying good bye with an outdated security patch with stronger flagship is obviousuly not acceptable.

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    Zenfone line up smartphones from Asus is one of the most strongest and recommended phones.

    so my point here is my first Asus smartphone was zenfone 2 followed by zenfone 5z and I think will be getting zenfone 8 now

    I am never disappointed by the hardware and even software is sophisticated and not cumbersome.

    They try to fix everything but do tend to break things up but slowly and steadily most of the things work from software side.

    At least they doesn't force ads on your screen and I haven't witnessed any in my zenfone 2 and neither in 5z.

    The audio quality in most of the Asus phones is very good

    Camera take good pictures though not the best out there

    All in all if they bring the phones within 30K to 40K INR ,I am ok with it.

    I would request Asus to bring back the Max series back as well.

    As they were pretty darn impressive especially with the price ratio in which they were offered.

    I like to be Non Chinese brand smartphone user and if any day if I don't buy Asus smartphone the next in line would be Samsung for sure.

    Love Asus

    Note-I have been in this forum since 2013 and witnessed a rebranded zentalk in 2019.At that time Peter Chang was the India head.

    I hope they would bring back the zentalk app back as that was very convenient to use

    @Titan_ASUS @Admin

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    Noo .. 5z doesn't deserve to die . It's (almost) one of the legendary devices. 5z & ROG are the phones which made ASUS one of the leaders in the mobile space . Legends shouldn't die they should be kept alive .

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    Asus engineers don't think like you

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    Hi, any1 know best custom rom for 5z with security as well as features??

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