Adding a Monitor to my Zenbook Pro 15

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I want to add a monitor (preferably with extremely great graphics for Adobe products) and have given up on reading through all the specs. Lol

My son has a Samsung 28" 2K but it lags when I use it on my laptop, which is rather annoying.

This is not my area of expertise so I'm hoping someone on here can help!

I have a UX580G

Thanks everyone!


  • Hi there,

    How do you connect the laptop ? by TB3 or HDMI port.

    And have you tried to adjust the resolution and scale?

    Thank you.

  • HDMI Port. It's when I adjusted the resolution and scale it's when it started lagging. If I leave it at Recommended Specs it doesn't lag. But if I did that the font it huge on my desktop

  • Hello Aussie,

    May I have the specific model name of the monitor?

    And could you share a picture of how it looks like after you connect the monitor?

    Thank you.

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