ASUS TUF GAMING FA506 IU - Headphones doesn't detected by system

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  1. System: Windwos 10 Pro
  2. Battery or AC: doesn't metter
  3. Model: FA506IU
  4. Frequency of occurrence: ever
  5. Reset OS: didn't help resolve issue
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

Hello everybody!

A few days ago I faced to vexing issue. 

My laptop asus tuf gaming fa506iu with Ryzen CPU and NVidia GPU (bought on Nov 2020) didn't detect any devices that connects via 3.5mm mini jack combined audio port. I have tried many solutoion that described on diffferent forums such as audio drivers recovery/uninstall/update/reinstall, OS recovery/reinstall, BIOS update/reset.

Nothing helped. I sure that it is not harware, but software issue. Because all of my audio devices (wiered big audio speakers, 3 sets of different headphones) all of them are in working order. And the main reason why I'm thinkin this way is that I started my laptop from usd external device with live Linux Mint OS (Ubuntu Linux didn't detect devices too). And there I could manually changed output device from speakers to headphones and all was fine.

Could someone please help me in solving my issue? 



  • Hi there,

    Was there any update or modification before the issue occurred ?

    And under Windows safe mode, can the audio devices be detected?

    Thank you.

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