ZenUI Designer Login is not working

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This goes more to the developers.

I want to become an ZenUI Designer to upload themes.

Unfortunately, I can not login to the platform: designer.zenui.com


  1. Created an ASUS Membership account
  2. Tried to login at designer.zenui.com

Result: Login in option is still visible, no other menu options are appearing.

After the following request: 302 https://designer.zenui.com/Account/SelectDesignerAccount

I will be redirected to the main page and I'm not authenticated.



  • Hi Robert,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Let us check internally about this website and the issue.

    I will keep you updated.

  • Dear all,

    After we launched ZenUI Designer Community in 2016, we received hundreds of amazing themes from designers around the world.

    It’s a great journey for us. However, theme app is no longer available on ZenFone series and ZenUI Designer community will phase out.

    We stopped accepting new themes from designers. That’s why you can’t login to the community anymore.

    Thank you for the support with us in the past years. We look forward to having better cooperation with you in the future.

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