A11 major problems with Gmail notifications



  • I don't want to be too optimistic but it seems to be to be better now or at least when compared to previous experience, take this example:

    after last update I had to reboot 9 or 10 times during that day to get notifications back for affected apps (I had to reboot the phone each time I found out the notifications weren't delivered) and since then it worked fine (I didn't reboot the whole time) for I don't know how many days

    this time after the update I'm still getting notifications so we'll see :)

  • Latest update did not change anything on my side for affected apps (mostly Gmail, Play Store and Weather), even after the update's reboot none of these app would update in the background, thus no notifications...

    For now I had to add my Gmail accounts to Outlook, at least this app works perfectly. But I still have to check for apps updates manually and launch the weather app often to update the widget..

    Now all I can hope is an Android 12 beta program to see if things get fixed, I'm losing hope and starting to look for another phone to switch to in a few months.

  • With disabled battery optimizations some days is going some are not...As martin said above I am rebooting till the notifications work. I had to do it yesterday a few times...today it is going ( but usually in few days it stops...) I will see in the next days ...

  • Yeah the miracle of notifications lasted less than a day. I started again the reboot dance....

  • So, still nothing found at ASUS ?

    I'm really losing hope and I'm starting to look for a replacement by the end of the year if Android 12 does not fix this...

  • I am waiting for the new Pixel...I have lost hope long time ago....I am rebooting the phone every morning now...it has become a routine...

  • At least rebooting works for you, for me it does not work anymore so I'm stuck with some apps never updating in the background, that I have to update by launching them myself.

  • could you try to lock the affected apps in the task manager by long pressing and choosing them to lock?? I don't think it will help but it's one of the things I did in the past

    I was also affected by this issue but since last update I haven't rebooted the phone yet as there was no need to do so at all (uptime 14+days ATM)

    I also added these apps into the OptiFlex list but I don't have them included anymore

    I think you all have these obvious features set as follows:

    battery=> battery mode => performance

    battery => autorun manager enabled

    battery => App hibernation disabled

    battery => Adaptive battery disabled

    battery optimizations disabled also for Google Play Services and Framework

    I hope I didn't forget any other obvious settings which would potentionally cause delayed/not showing notifications

  • Hmmm....don't get me wrong...reboot helps only with gmail and whether app. The rest may Rest In Peace until I start them...so I made a habit on checking the apps I need when I need them....beside the gmail...which obviously I cannot check every minute and I need to know once an email appears...

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    Joining the club with Zenfone 7 Pro. The weather app stopped updating temperatures automatically in the widget and app icon after the Android 11 upgrade.

    Weather app version:

    Build number: RKQ1.200710.

    I got it working for a couple of days by clearing cache and storage and setting battery optimization to not optimized. But then it stopped working again and no matter what I do it won't update temperatures automatically. But it works if I manually click on the widget or app icon

    Let me guess, ASUS developers cannot reproduce it? 😀 As a software developer myself, it feels like devices and software today are so complicated that the best way to fix these kinds of bugs is just to send the faulty device straight to developers.

  • you can try to take a log when the issue is present and then upload it here and let devs know, I did the same in the A11 beta but it didn't go anywhere unfortunately

    I think that for now Google Play is the only app which never shows a notification about an app update, I always have to open it, go to the update section and do it manually even though the rest of the affected apps still work fine and shows notifications

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    lol I can't believe this is still a problem with no resolution in sight.

  • If nothing changes until September, that would be my first and last ASUS phone. Too bad it did not even make it to one year before making me feel the need to switch (I usually change phones every 2 to 3 years).

    Too much annoying issues or bad choices that are not being worked on, looks like they moved on and forgot the Zenfone 7 to add features to Zenfone 8 (why no tap to show AOD on Zf7 for example ?).

    They released the Zenfone 8 less than one year after the 7...

    Some of my annoying issues :

    • GPS inaccuracy, since a few weeks it keeps jumping for 50-100 meters, totally unreliable sometimes
    • many native apps won't do anything in the background, no matter which battery setting is set (no update, thus no notifications when required, no background app updates from the Store unless started manually, ...)
    • forced to use a bad quality cropped image the wide lens camera when using third party apps in selfie mode, because the main camera "overheats" (oh and it does not when used as a main camera...), so much for the best selfie camera phone... (only with the native camera app of course)
    • auto-Hz not really useful, some 90 Hz capable apps are locked to 60 in auto-mode, and some games are not going above 60 Hz or FPS so it stutters a bit in forced 90 Hz mode. Thus I have to force 90 Hz everywhere and switch to auto or 60 in some games via the Game panel. A by app setting like for the use of fullscreen would be way better.

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    If it helps anybody, I got the Weather app working somehow using the following trick. So now it updates temperatures automatically. I don't know how long it works, but at least it has worked 1 day.

    - Go to Weather app settings and click on "Force stop"

    - Remove the weather widget from the home screen and add it again

    Found this solution from a oneplus user who had the same issue, so it looks like this is not just an ASUS-specific issue.

  • It has been more than 3 months I have opened this thread....1500 + views, more than 150 responses , more than 3 times I have provided the logs and still no answer....not to mention a fix....is there any moderator left on this forum that at least could reply and tell us the latest status from dev team about this issue?

    Should I sell the phone or wait for the power button to break (since I have to restart the phone almost every morning in order to receive the notifications...sometimes more times a day...) ???

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    As suspected, they've neglected this phone because of the ZF8. They're super active on there. Might as well just post on there instead. You might have more luck in getting a response lol.

    Such poor form from these guys. First & last Asus phone forever. Only glimmer of hope really is A12. But given their utter neglect, I'm pessimistic. I'll probably root & install a custom ROM (and kernel) from the devs on XDA even though there's not many.

    I sent a PM to 5 mods/admins to see if they will even respond.

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    Give up for God's sake I think if the powers that be where going to,,FIX,, anything they would have done it by now. The zenfone 9 must be around the corner so I think what we have is all we are going to get 🥺

  • I don't know if it was a joke :D

    but you can reboot from quick toggles screen, there's a virtual power button at the bottom :)

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    Latest update claim it fixed the Weather app not updating, let's see if it's real.

    I doubt Gmail got fixed as it's not in the changelog.

    At least they added a new feature (one hand mode, I missed it).

    Maybe they remembered the ZF7 still exists.

    EDIT : oh I got a Gmail notification, no way! Hope that's not because it just restarted. And Play Store had updates waiting, did they fix that background issue in the end ?

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