A11 major problems with Gmail notifications



  • I really hope you got an answer from google. Those posts are old ones and they have no real fix for it. (I have checked all the posts about gmail notifications). I already disabled battery optimizations and that helps me, but not always... Still I think those battery optimizations are the culprit for a lot of issues on my phone. If I start those I am not getting any notifications anymore(even with them stopped sometime I am not getting any...) and the majority of my apps stop working correctly. Like the weather app does not refresh itself... it is like those battery optimizations kill all apps in the background and nothing works again unless you start again the app...

  • Sorry Anders, but u mentioned 2 posts of 2019!! Android 11 was not even released at that time.

    And i can confirm before the asus Android 11 update i've been using gmail with no problems at all.

    So its pretty clear, at least in my case, the problem is CAUSED by the recent A11 asus rollout.

    I gave you my logs, i would have appreciated a better response than just 2 old posts of 2019....

    Is there any other place, other than this forum, to have support from?


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    Those links are a bit of a stretch, BUT the Google threads might have got locked prematurely, so here goes hoping for the best... If Google informed ASUS on this, so there must be some truth.

    FYI for everyone in this thread: Google also produces errors.

  • I am not saying that google does not produce errors. I've seen a lot of shitty code from google also...but this started to happen on A11. And I had this from the day 1 of A11...well I noticed it in the second day when I got a lot of emails.(some from the previously day). I did not took this into consideration until I started to notice more and more issues with apps not giving me notifications...I searched through the google topics as well and I even commented on google store for those apps.

    I DO NOT THINK THIS IS A GOOGLE ISSUE.... If I stop all he battery optimizations every thing works pretty normally. ( I do not get weather updates every evening from google app, but this is not an issue) and most if times notifications are coming. Once I start any battery optimization (like for instance optiflex , or hibernate apps) hell breaks loose. And in my opinion this is not an google issue.

    More than this is not only google. Instagram fails to send notifications as well (for the not seen posts). Weather app from Asus does not update the temperature on screen unless I enter the app. Last saturday I did not get notifications from telegram app. News sometimes show sometimes not notifications. Calendar not working only for reminders...should I watch any app? I am sure all of them fail to send notifications unless I am entering the app when battery optimization is on...I think all I have described has nothing to do with google. I think there is somewhere in between android 11 code and asus optimizations...

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    For what it's worth I don't believe it's a Google bug either,if it is why have my notifications for reminders started working again without a Google update

  • I would like to apologize for my previous post. Google made an update for calendar app and now I am getting back the notifications for reminders. I still think the problem is split between google and asus since I still have battery optimizations off.(all of them) and still I said if I enable them for some apps I do not get notifications ... I will wait for the next gmail update and then I will enable again all the optimizations and see what else is still mot working....

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    Are you sure,my calendar app,s last update was on the 12/5/21 but my notifications for reminders only started working on the 22/5/21 or maybe the day before but no earlier than that. I had been checking it daily so I don't know what fixed it but it wasn't the 12/5/21 update . I don't think you need to apologize for your post something is not quite right here.

    PS the only other thing I can think of is that Google are not actually updating the date of the last update in the app . I did uninstall the updates after you or someone else said that uninstalling the calendar updates works so maybe when I updated it again it fixed the bug but just didn't change the date for the last official update. Man who knows this stuff is doing my head in

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    My wife's Nokia g 10 just got an update for the calendar app but it still reads ,, last update 12/5/21 so I think your right, Google have fixed it

  • After continued talk with our devs, they're no longer 100% sure it's only google issue so I've asked @fear_dot_com_2000 and @Stematique to test the latest Gmail version, 2021.05.02.373487627.Release and provide more details and logs if the new version doesn't solve their issue

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    So can you just confirm that the calendar app issue and the Gmail issue are,or were two separate notifications bugs please. I do know that this post,s topic is Gmail notifications...


    It's just that the calendar app bug SEEMS to be resolved ?

  • Actually i found different ppl out there struggling with this problem, not only asus customers.

    Just checked play store comments and there are plenty of ppl with notifications problems. All comments i read are dated recently, mainly May 2021:


    Google support points to a generic troubleshooting page:


    It can be worth giving a try.

    As for me i disabled all battery saving related options, and gmail has been working ok for 2-3 days. I still have GMail v2021.05.02.373487627, downloaded as soon it was released a couple of weeks ago.

    As far as i know at least it seems AsusA11 rollaout is not the main cause , probably its a mix of Gmail Code+Android11 generale release; assured the fact with A10 i had no problems at all.


  • So I turned back on the battery optimizations. I will reply in few days after tests... So far the gmail is working, but I am waiting to see how other notifications are working

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    Second day with the battery optimizations on and I started not to receive emails on time ( unless I start the phone ). I will log everything and send it to Anders...

    Correction: I am getting the emails...but with at least one hour delay...I am still keeping an eye on it.

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    For me, I'm using that RSS app : https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.nononsenseapps.feeder

    And even without battery optimisations, I'm not receiving notifications. Can anyone else try ? On my girlfriend Nokia there is no issue with notifications for this app.

    Regarding Google Calendar, I've updated to latest version... I will check on next days if it's fixed... as you are all saying. Thanks

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    I'll try that, I wanted to test this app but now I have another reason to do so :) I'll report back how it went...

    edit: I've just received several notifications from the app ;)

  • My problems with gmail notifications are back. i have logged it and now I have sent the logs to Anders....let's see their reply.

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    Arf... no notifications on my ZenFone 7 Pro for this app (even with battery optimisations disabled),

    but the update for Calendar fixed the notification issues I used to had...

    I'm really confused... 😓

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    I can say that for me with all battery optimizations off, now everything seems to work. But I always reboot once I set those off. One more thing you can try is to disable battery optimizations for that app itself. Go to settings, apps and notifications , select the app you want then on battery select not optimized. This should fix your issue.

    Try also a reboot once you did all thise steps from above

  • well my device has been up for almost 29days and notifications are still working even though Aggregator app which should inform me (if there was anything new) every 15mins (at XX:00, XX:15, XX:30 and XX:45) often delivers notification about 1-3mins later but that's much better than what it used to be (=no notifications at all)

    I'm almost sure that rebooting now would be like playing russian roulette as exactly this happened to me in the past, it was working OK for many days but then I had to reboot and after some time notifications stopped working and I had to reboot twice a day sometimes and then it was again ok for days

  • so I've been runnning last 34days and almost 20hours (device uptime) without a single reboot and notifications were working ok, the only minor issue was that slight delay sometimes which I mentioned in the previous post

    today I rebooted my device after the new update installed and then I only received one notifications and guess what, it happened again exactly as I described, I noticed that about 20mins later that I received the email on my PC but phone didn't show me a thing untill I opened my second email app (Email.cz) so I had to reboot again and hope that notifications will work

    this is so frustrating!! it was a 1000USD phone at the time I bought it and I don't often get notifications from apps I heavy rely on, security patch is two months old at best, camera can't switch lenses in 3rd party apps in front mode, VoLTE doesn't work and I could continue naming other issues, come on, that was a premium price so one would expect premium device and care, it's such a shame...I own this device for more than half of the year and all of these issues were there for me since the beginning and are still present, that is not right

    if I hadn't dropped my phone (there are dents in the frame) I'd have sold it already and returned back to OnePlus or tried Samsung

    this phone has such potential but you're literally killing it, ASUS

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