A11 major problems with Gmail notifications



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    Is it just me or did it suddenly start working again, as of a couple of hours ago?

    When I force-sync my Google account in Settings, all parts of it (except Google News) sync again successfully.

    Gmail also notifies me again as soon as emails arrive.

  • Did you reboot the phone? For me sometimes it start working after a reboot. And also it is working with the workaround I was describing above ( disable battery optimizations and make gmail as not optimized )

  • EvertEvert Level 1

    No, no reboot, no changes made in settings. It just miraculously started working again!

  • Hahaha! I have no clue then... I rely on emails so I keep my workaround until the next update...and then I will check again ... I provided asus the logs for this , so I am waiting to see their response...

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    If you guys need to rollback to Android 10, it's possible using following procedure :

    Update steps :

    1. Download the firmware to the internal memory :

    Zenfone model ZS670KS = https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/ZenFone/ZS670KS/UL-I002D-WW-

    2. Delete the Google account.

    3. Scroll down the list of quick settings.

    4. The system will display a message that has detected firmware update information.

    5. Run the firmware downgrade file.

    * If you skip step 5 and do not know how to initiate the downgrade process again, please reboot the system and the downgrade information will reappear

  • I prefer to have the problem fixed than roll back on A10

  • I've forwarded the log from fear_dot_com_2000 to our devs. Hopefully they will find the issue and fix it in a coming fota

  • Maybe it could be a good ideea to gather some longs from other guys too... I stopped again battery optimizations and rebooted and I also have notifications...will see for how long...

  • I'm still waiting for a response regarding gmail and I asked Stematique for a log tool.

    @Roystoys I received a reply regarding google calendar and the issue should be solved by Google as the main issue lays in their code. So even if the issue only shows in ZF6 and ZF7, the solution should be made from Googles side and not ours.

    Our short term solution for you is to use the Google Assistant to set your reminders. You do this by saying something like "hey google, please send a reminder to buy more milk" The assistant will ask when and you can then reply "10:30pm" or "in one hour"

    We hope Google will be able to solve this bug as soon as possible

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    Ok I'm not surprised I thought it might be a Google bug or uninstalling updates wouldn't fix the problem but it does.

    Now we just need Google to acknowledge the bug and maybe they will do something about it.

    So by what your saying this is strictly a Z7 bug ,so the zenfone 8 doesn't have this issue or does it ?

  • Zenfone 8 does not have this issue. At least not on my device. The only two of my devices (and I have all ASUS Phones) that do not get any reminders from Google calendar are ZenFone 6 and ZenFone 7.

  • So my question would be why for zf6 and 7 is not working and for others it is... If it was a google bug shouldn't it happen for all? Since A11 base code should be the same for all OEMs and more than this A11 for Zf7 should have quite the same A11 code base as zf8. If it is not the case then this is the issue... I don't get it what could google fix for 2 devices they don't own, since for same A11 on most devices it works ..

  • So to be honest I really think Asus did not implement something for A11 ZF6 and 7 and that's why we see soo many issues....and if you say that for zf8 it works this make me really think this is the case...

    Where asus developers in contact with google developers for this? Does google know that they need to fix something in their apps for 2 Asus devices?

    If I had an app and you would tell me that it is not working for 2 devices , but for another 1000 with the same OS I would say you did not do something good...

    Your answer @Anders_ASUS raises more questions than answers...

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    Well I don't know what to say but my phone now gets reminders notifications. The only two things I tried was one set a reminder notification using the Google assistant and two change the colour of the notification to tomato. Either one of the two has to have worked because now I don't have a problem anymore.

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    I just tried it again and it's still working. At first I thought it was changing the colour that did it but now I am wondering if it was setting a reminder using the Google assistant that sort of reset it , obviously I don't know what did it but it just works now.

    I think I might hang on to this phone for now and see how the zenfone 8 shapes up. I have read that it has some teething problems 😔. All the other Asus phones I have had seemed to be fine right out of the box,by my memory isn't the best

  • guys, I've been facing that issue since A11 betas and it's still there

    ASUS's devs were not able to replicate it and they haven't found anything in the logs I provided

    it's very random, sometimes it works fine for even two weeks (which is the case for me ATM) but sometimes I have to reboot twice a day to get notifications working

    for Calendar I use Business Calendar 2 which always gives me notifications (this may be a workaround for someone)

    Gmail and Google Calendar are not the only apps affected by that, I use Aggregator (RSS reader) and Email.cz apps which suffer from this too

  • Yeah...is getting worse and worse... Now I don't get notifications from telegram as well... I think if I leave the phone untouched for 1 day I won't get notifications from any app..( since I did not use telegrams for 1 day and I found curios that sone threads did not sent an messages...so today when I opened the app I had more than 300 messages)

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    I'm also noticing something weird. ZF 7 Pro starts acting up on Wifi, so I restart the phone and then get all sorts of notifications from Gmail and Proton Calendar. Not sure what's going on, but I'm sure as hell it's the ASUS device.

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    Google has informed us that they are aware of the Gmail notification issue and that it will be fixed in a future Gmail app update.

    As you can see in below links, this issue is not isolated to ASUS devices



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