A11 major problems with Gmail notifications



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    I have just been checking notifications and if I set a reminder I get no notification but if I set it as a task I do and all the guys in this post are spot on it worked perfectly on A10 but totally a nightmare On A11.

    Is it Google or have the Asus boffins missed or messed this up ??

  • So even with the changes I did on battery for gmail, still I am getting some emails late, like today I got an email that I was supposed to get yesterday....but this is coming from the email linked with the gmail account (an yahoo email)

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    Ah you are right... no notification with the reminder, and a notification with the Task.

    Since this is happening only with my ZenFone under A11 and not with my Nokia also under A11, I would say issue is with ZenFone... 💁‍♂️

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    Ok, according to this old post : www.reddit[.]com/r/GooglePixel/comments/a3edwu/google_reminders_not_working_i_may_have_a_fix/ (I'm not allowed to post links)

    If we remove the updates of the application, it fix the issue for the reminder. I tried, and... exact, it solves the issue. Notifications are back.

    Updating the application via Play Store to latest version will bring back the bug.

    Anyway, issue occurs only with ZenFone, so... 💁‍♂️

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    Yeah, I also noticed that removing updates fixes the issue, but I also agree it seems a ZF issue. My wife has a pixel 3a without any issues that I have. More than this I have problems with gmail, calendar, instagram and I think more apps are missing notifications so there are not only google apps... so I think it is something they missed or is misbehaving in zenfone's A11 implementations. And I see , but I cannot demonstrate that apps are killed more frequently...and this can be a culprit .... But I don't know ....overall for me, A11 sucks (today I also noticed issues with location and waze that I did not see in A10)

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    Cool so I'm not going nuts it is a problem I was starting to think that maybe it was the same on A10,at my age the memory isn't what it used to be. I will uninstall all the updates now and see how it goes today. Thanks heaps for your help you are the only person who actually listened to what I was saying and came up with a fix even if it does mean taking a step back on the calendar app but I prefer to live with that then no notification from reminders. Hopefully Asus will come up with a fix in the next update RGDS Roy

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    So far so good just got both a visual and audio notification from a test reminder 😉 your the man,man👍

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    That's a bit strange,I don't claim to know much about smartphones or zenfones but it is confusing isn't it ? As you kindly said uninstalling the calendar updates works so as it is a Google app you would think that the problem lay with the playstore but it works on your Nokia A11 so that puts the bug fairly in zenfones lap hmmmm, stay tuned I suppose

    I can't say I'm surprised though, Nokia have always made great phones right from the start and all through the Lumia fase and out the other side to today's Nokia's. Sometimes I wonder why I changed brands. I was going to upgrade to the ZenFone 8 but if this bug isn't addressed maybe I should go back to Nokia

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    Joining the group. Experiencing the same issue on my ZenFone 7 Pro, with several accounts, Google being the one causing the most problems, obviously.

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    Welcome the more of us that point out that we have a problem the faster the Powers that be, just might fix it. Not holding my breath though

  • Same problem here with Z7 pro (v30.41.69.51)

    No way to get notifications from Gmail after upgrading to A11.

    Once i open Gmail app i get all missed notifications all together.

    I also tried to stop battery optimization both for gmail only and for the whole system (not happy about that), but

    had no luck.

    ty for your help

  • Did you all upgrade to latest version off the affected google apps after they had been uninstalled? And if yes, were the notifications working after this?

    To others who might experience notifications issues

    Please check the settings below. Some of the settings can be applied to other apps as well.

    1) Long press on Gmail icon, -> app info icon, -> notifications and make sure everything is enabled

    2) Go back to Gmail's app info screen. -> battery -> Optimize battery use -> Change category to "All apps" -> Find Gmail and change to Don't optimize.

    3) Open the Gmail app. In the top left, tap Menu. -> Settings. -> your gmail account -> Notifications and select ALL

    4) System settings -> Battery -> Auto-start manager -> check if gmail is enable

    5) System settings> Accounts> Make sure auto-sync personal data (bottom of the screen) is enabled

    6) Enter all your accounts and check that Account sync is enabled for the items you want to receive notifications for

    Please check this article too as I might have missed something: https://mobileinternist.com/gmail-notifications-not-working

    Please let others know in this thread what worked for you. Thanks!

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    Since I'm more concerned about Google Calendar notifications than Gmail notifications, then I'll follow your procedure, but with Calendar. That should solve the problem in the same way, right? I let other members do the same for Gmail.

    1) Everything is enabled here.

    2) Google Calendar set to "Don't optimize".

    3) In Calendar app, going to settings -> notifications -> it's enabled (that's why it's working for Tasks but not reminders).

    4) No Google calendar in the list of applications under Auto-start manager.

    5) Everything is synced, since task notifications are well working.

    6) Everything is ok here.

    For Google Calendar, the right questions are :

    - Why Tasks notifications are working for us, but not Reminder notifications ?

    - Why removing updates (from Play Store) solve the issue ?

    - Why this issue is not occuring on other A11 Android phones but on ZenFone 7 Pro ?

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    The only problem I personally have is with the calendar app

    If you set a reminder you don't get any notification at all, you do if you set a task or a goal but not for reminders. As stated above by, Skipwoof,if you uninstall the updates for the app you get alerts for reminders but as soon as you update it again you stop getting notifications.

    It sounds like a Google app bug but Skipwoof pointed out that it works fine on A11 with a Nokia phone so it is just confusing???

    I just purchased a Nokia g 10 for my wife so I will be able to see first hand what's what, once it arrives ( about a week or so.

    Having said that there are problems with notifications on A11 so many people are having issues. I have one with a notification on the pull down drape with, driving mode, . For some reason sometimes after using Google maps while connected to my van I get a notification on the drape saying, driving mode tap to exit,or something like that but if you tap exit driving mode the notification just stays there until you restart the phone. Bizarre as it is only happens sometimes

  • As I said before...I see a lot of issues lately with A11 and I think the root cause is somewhere else. I have checked and double checked and triple checked all the settings, even factory reset the phone many times, this appear to come from the way apps are killed (or dozed ). Something in A11 is preventing apps to refresh.

    I have stopped all the battery optimizations and the issues are still there. The whether widget for instance is not refreshing as well on the screen unless I go directly in the app. And like this there are a lot of apps that do nothing until you open that app.

    And the steps that were provided should be used mostly as a workaround and not as fix. I checked my wife's pixel 3a and all apps are optimized and she has no issues whatsoever. The issue lies somewhere in the A11 code for Zenfone 7. What I have now were the same on A10 and everything was working fine. Since A11 update I missed emails, calendar notifications, instagram notifications, sometime bank apps don't send notifications, whether app widget is not updating and for sure I think that if there is an app that is supposed to work in background and send notifications it won't work....

    Battery optimizations are there to make thinks optimized ( work in background and not eat to much battery ) but even with that disabled some things are not working. But even so disabling battery optimizations should not be a solution but a workaround as I said.

    And I am sure that the calendar problem happens to all users , so I think the devs should reproduce it easily, but are either incompetent or working on something else for now ( maybe a new phone release?! Just saying...)

  • Oh, and I forgot to mention. Now you cannot uninstall the calendar app is part of the system apps. You can only uninstall updates. If I remember correctly on A10 I had to install the calendar app manually from the Playstore. Same for gmail. Am I wrong? If I am right maybe the problem lies in the A11 image build...

  • exactly!! I've reported that in the BETA already

    I disabled all the possible restrictions, configured everything to be able to run in the background, in perf mode etc but none of that helped to be 100% reliable and still some apps are not delivering notifications, there is obviously something wrong in the system, once the issue is triggered I found no way to get the notifications back (only device reboot solves that), I mean when notifications stop working I go into the affected app, it does its job (loads content, show notification) but that's it, when I leave the app, I won't get any new notification from it unless I open it again

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    This is a real pity,I was all revved up to purchase the ZenFone 8 asap but now I all I can do is wait and see if it does indeed have the same bugs as the Z7.

    Maybe it's time to move on , I am curious what the OnePlus is like anyway

  • I believe the Google Calendar reminder is a different/separate issue and it should be easy to find/fix as I'm able to replicate it on both ZF6 and ZF7. ZF8 and allt the ROG phones i tried does not have this bug.

    Have you given the weather app permission to auto update (every 30min-12h)? You do this inside the app

    I still need your help to figure out why your device won't update. I will PM you again

  • I have all permission set... I think I know pretty well Android and how it works... The things is that overall there is a problem with notifications...and not only for specific apps. The more you use an app the more you see it lacks the notifications ... And so on. Even gmail...I am receiving email notification for a while then I get none...reboot it works again a while...and so on

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