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Hi Asus Community and Asus Fans,

Asus made a bang with launching it's Zenfone Max and Max Pro series in the world. But there are no Asus Zenfone Max and Max Pro series Phones currently.

So, what I am expecting in Asus Zenfone Max M3 is all here,-

Asus Zenfone Max M3 -

¶ Colors - Black, Blue, White with Matte Finish on Back

¶ Display - SuperAmoled 720p HD+ Notch or Punch-hole display with Gorilla Glass 5 Protection on Front

¶ Brightness - 500 nits to 800 nits

¶ Software - Stock Android 11/12

¶ Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 or 675

¶ 3.5mm Jack Support

¶ Single Loud Speaker but no Stereo Speaker

¶ 6000mAh or 5000mAh Battery

¶ 18W Charger

¶ Camera -

• Rear Camera -

48MP Sony IMX 486 Sensor Wide Angle


5MP Ultra-wide Sensor


5MP Telephoto Lens


2MP Macro Sensor

• Front Camera -

16MP Selfie Camera

¶ Ports - Triple Card Slot

Dual SIM card Slots + Memory Card Slot

¶ Expected Price -

Global, US and Europe Market

4 GB + 64 GB - $ 149 / € 149

6 GB + 128 GB - $ 199 / € 199

China Market

4 GB + 64 GB - ¥ 899

6 GB + 128 GB - ¥ 1,099

Taiwan Market

4 GB + 64 GB - NT $ 3,799

6 GB + 128 GB - NT $ 4,549

Indian Market

4 GB + 64 GB - Rs. 9,999

6 GB + 128 GB - Rs. 11,999


  • @Christine_ASUS

    This is not a duplicate post. It's a Post about lower end version of Asus Zenfone Max Series i.e. Asus Zenfone Max M3. It has some change in Processor, display, Camera and Speakers. So, please don't delete it.

  • 5mp ultrawide, 5mp telephoto and 2mp macro seems very useless not gonna lie.

  • But when you look at the price, they fit perfectly in it. Also, you are forgetting one thing that 5MP and 2MP camera Sensors spread out the details evenly. They do not focus on the man who is in the picture. And Giving Quad Rear Camera at such price point with Telephoto is great thing. It's not like Oppo or Vivo where they use Triple Camera's with Overpriced Rate. So, Understand this.

  • I would argue that instead of buying 3 cheap cameras, getting 1 semi decent one would be better. Like instead of 3 useless ones just 1 decent ultrawide, telephoto or macrocamera lens.

  • Bro but when you are not buying, why interfering ? M3 Series highlights Quad Camera and 5MP is a decent one no matter how much you argue. 5MP does do good shot. You should also remember that few years ago iPhone used 5MP sensor on their phones which gives superb pics. The thing is not about camera sensor , the thing is how much better and natural photos the pics give. So I'll still go with it.

  • You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

    5MP is simply not a good resolution, end of story, the sweetspot is around 12mp which is a reoslution of slightly above 4k. 5mp is little above 1440p, which is simply to low. Also the most important aspect of a camera besides processing is lens size which allows enough light to come into the lens, this makes it possible to make pictures even though you don't have optimal light. These 5mp lenses are so tiny in size they are literally unusable indoor as well. You can go with whatever phone you want, I just state that ASUS should rather invest in 2 decent sensors than populate the phone with 3 useless ones.

  • bro you have your opinion I have my opinion let's not quarrel on it and just get over with it and I know what I have wrote and I have used many phones, so I have my experience on it. Just I stated my thing and I feel it's better.

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