$3K laptop with lack of Extended ASCII support is criminal, NO NumLock key, Calculator is useless

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I bought the 15" DuoPro Zenbook w/1.5 monitors for $3K and I was floored it wouldn't handle extended ASCII characters!! (ALT +0151 etc. That code is for a much used m-dash), at least in the English language. It cuts you off from COUNTLESS specialized text commonly used in English. Maybe they don't have these in Korea so they don't even know what they are, it's that stupid. And ditto for the fancy calculator pad. I contacted their useless tech support about it and no one could help-me so they RMA'd my first one. I had spent 2 days setting up and it took me a day the shred the bitlocked SSD drive and then they sent me a new one, and I spent 2 days reloading and they finally sent me instructions after over a MONTH on the keypad which worked once and then it didn't because guess what.. NO NUMLOCK key. It wont work with Excel, TurboTax which is crazy not to have a number pad. It would have been so much better just to put real number keys instead of the useless mini-keypad. I love some aspects of this machine but feel totally ripped off on these two MAJOR MAJOR issues. Come on ASUS, you can do better... and once you fix it, send me a working machine! Rant over. 😣


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