My thoughts on the Rog5 and some feedback on how the next rog6 could roll the competition

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It is a lenghty video, but I felt like going into detail and explaining things would be more sufficient than just saying things people might not want to believe. Did do some timestamps on it.

Make the rog6 great 🧐


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    Sorry but it's too lengthy of a video for me to watch but assuming it's about the durability issue then my take is that it isn't that big of a deal if a case is slapped on it. And honestly, I'd put it on a case because the Base Edition model is just so ugly in my opinion. It looks so cheap and plasticky at least from screenshots and videos. The Ultimate Edition looks the best though.

    The phone does things right with dual front facing stereo speakers and a headphone jack which are simple features that I absolutely want in a phone that many manufacturers don't do.

    My main problem with ASUS though is that it doesn't look like they put any ounce of thought towards their North American consumers (or countries outside their main target audience for that matter). People still have concerns over basic phone features like VoLTE, VoWifi, 5G, and others. ASUS should honestly work and cooperate with carriers from other countries to enable these basic features. The ROG Phone 5 even lacks bands for 5G mmWave which can potentially be a big deal in the United States.

    ASUS adds cool gaming features to the ROG Phone while neglecting basic phone features. I honestly hope there's an ROG Phone 5.5 with Snapdragon 888+ that actually pays attention to phone features. I actually think the ROG Phone 5 is near perfect if it wasn't for concerns over basic phone features.

  • Gaming phones are not selling very well in NA, hence they focus way more on the asian market.

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