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    Yeah makes sense, and probably get charged for it.

  • Not really, the defect is a clear manufacturer problem, if you charge for that you risk a lawsuit. Unless the user is completely unaware.

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    There are some people getting it replaced for free even out of warranty, so maybe there is other reasons.

    If there was warranty, people hesitate to go to service centre, can't blame anyone.

    But, it still doesn't explain why it happens after 1 year. The defect should of happened at the beginning of getting the device.

  • No, because its a degradation process. Much like when you use a power supply in a PC, if you use 60% capacity for 5 years nothing will happen, if you use 100% after 6 months it will die.

    As for warranty, if there is a manufacturers defect, then even after official warranty you should replace it for free, there are certain laws that state this, this is also why you see extended warranty programs on apple products, it's not because apple wants to, its because they have to otherwise they will face lawsuits and will have to pay a huge fine.

    Same goes for Asus, better pay a a couple of bucks for some IC replacements rather than pay millions for a fine.

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    Degradation can happen everywhere on the phone. The manufacturer could simply say it's wear and tear and this doesn't usually get covered but even if it is covered under warranty, you still have within 1 year of warranty to repair it.

    When I say wear and tear, could it be how long a user is playing? I must admit, I don't know what the chip does, but warranty should still apply like other things. Otherwise, anyone can claim warranty even with internal issues with the phone (where user don't touch).

    I guess at the end of day is to see whether people having this issue will file a lawsuit. Still, it is out of control from the moderators here and shouldnt be complaining here.

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