What type of m2 ssd does support my motherboard?

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  1. Model: Asus X560UD-EJ366


Detailed description:Radu

I'd like to find out what type of m2 ssd does my laptop supports.

1 . M.2 SSD SATA

2. M.2 NVMe PCLe

and what form factor, for example 2280.

And there could be different pins, what type of pins, like there could be 3 divisions of pins or 2 divisions

I don't really understand


  • First read this: wikipedia org wiki M.2

    Then find technical specs. of your laptop and you will know.

    Or even better: open your laptop and see yourself what is inside - the only way to be completely sure anyway.

  • Hello Radion,

    Your model is supporting M.2 2280 SATA3 SSD only.

    Thank you.

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