Rog 3 display fully calibrated, no more color banding, black crush or red tint at any setting



  • Could u use batman 2021 trailer as a refrence and compare vs the mi10t? Its the perfect testing device.

  • Like make comparison pictures with thr s7. It would be nice for data gathering

  • I have a s7 and oneplus 7t both to make comparisons but it will be pointless if i do it as i already fixed mine rog 3 and i dont have rog 5 so someone who have all 5 might help us rog 3 rog 5 s7 OnePlus 7t mi 10t

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    Now I see something that people call it "Black Crush", but this is visible mostly in this video which isnt good quality. I can see it on Mi 10T Pro and others devices but not as much.

    This is not any color problem. This is just big contrast of display. Nothing wrong. Also doesnt see any "missing details or things" like you posted earlier with the screen.

    Just run this trailer on your PC monitor and put the contrast to the max. U will see your "black crush" visible.

    Gaming phones must have big contrast, this is very common. If you want to watch movies, just dont go for ROG phone. This is very simple solution.

    Yea, we could have option to control contrast of display, it would be nice, but I dont see there any problem as it is a gaming phone.

    But while comparing movies with Mi 10T Pro I see one very big problem - disgusting green tint on ROG 5 :/

  • No thats not true , its not the screen that sucks but its the calibration that just sucks really bad , i m currently using @Danishblunt fix and trust me , my rog 3 display turned from crap to beauty becozhe fixed gamma , colour banding and other one or two stuff with his kernel

    Same calibration issue with rog 5 and there is also some hardware limitation with display chip of pixelworks or something like that i read on internet

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    I dont know what have he changed but it is too big contrast.

  • Could you make those pictures as requested? Because what you're saying makes 0 sense, it's literally impossible for the mi10T to have any black crush. It's an LCD screen, meaning it's incapable of crushing blacks. Usually putting an OLED next to an LCD reveals details that the OLED crushes. I'm curious because if what you're saying is true then that means something on the rog5 display has changed last time I got a look at it.

  • Well trust me , even if you see photo of two rog 3 together where one with fix and one without , you will realise how beautiful the screen is , its just wrongfully done calibration but i will tell you that even photo dont do justice of how beautiful it really is

    Its you have to see in person to believe 🙃🙃

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    Naah I won't, I was just curious and it's still beyond me why a team of devs arent pulling this off, maybe they are just not trying. Device is still under warranty and I am bit of a flash junky and like to do some script mods of my own. As there are no good roms available with added benefits I won't be rooting ROG3, stock rom is still better in most scenarios. And I guess when time comes I might have a newer device🤪.

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    It doesnt look so bad, but you can see the difference. I made photo with S7 Edge which enchanted colors (geen tint) and contrast (you see more something simillar to ROG 5, but still much more less).

    p.s. It is at 100% brightness.

  • THank you! Could you make a couple more? It looks like the phone has some color banding to it tho.

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    This thing what you call "banding" occurs in Mi 10T Pro too, but it is less visible, because lower contrast. As I said, if you max your contrast, you will see this "banding" effect.

    I though that people call it black crush. So what is that black crush? Just losing details (black areas and things not visible)?

    I took photo with S7, it doesnt look like that in real and "banding" isnt colorfull like here, so making photos doesnt make too much sense.

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    There are only 2 problems in this photos.

    1. ROG 5 has too much contrast (you call it banding or whatever).
    2. ROG 5 has green tint (colors are not calibrated well, too much green as you see)

    There are no more issues here. Everything else is fake, because S7 cant process photos correctly.

  • You're not quite right, the camera catches details that are hard to see with the naked eye. Thats why I asked if its possible for some more pictures to get a more clear picture. I am aware that pictures have a strong tendency to not look like the real thing, for instance on the picture the mi10 looks super washed out even tho in reality thats not the case and the Rog5 while having a green tint isnt that extremely greened out. I just want to get behind the picture processing of the rog5.

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    Maybe, but in this case, Im totaly right. I already did many photos with S7 comparing Mi 10T and ROG 5 few days ago. S7 expose colors which are not even possible.

    I think you are just overcomplicating this problem and that's the reason why Asus didnt fix it yet or will never fix it. I watched a lot of movies on ROG 5 and didnt see any problems like on Batman 2021 trailer, this is low quality video or incorrectly converted or something else.

    Everything is fine in the ROG 5, but I will return it only because green tint. It is not acceptable. I will try to buy it again later and check if green tint is so strong again.

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    I just compared with S7 Edge and Mi 10T Pro. One of the testing scenes was popular Black crush joker scene. I see that S7 Edge is losing details with 0% brightness. Some areas become completly black.

    ROG 5 is not losing any detail.

    I dont see the point trying to find Black crush in my device when it performs better than this two devices at the lowest brightness in dark scenes.

    It looks like my ROG 5 doesnt have this problem.

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    Why dont you test it yourself? I already wasted too much time for it. This is Asus job, not mine. Im customer and I can choose to buy or not. Im not a developer to making my own phone. If phone is bad, I just dont buy it.

    Sorry for my anger, but I'm not a guy who will "sink" with already "sinking" phone.

    What about photos? I will give you just one example.

    This is the same photo made with Mi 10T, displayed on both devices. Above photo was taken with S7. Left phone is Mi 10T, right ROG 5. In this photo you can see that left side is dull, right is more purple. In real, left side was more purple and very realistic, right was very dull.

    So what happened here? S7 processed colors incorrectly. Added lacked colors to ROG 5 which "didnt exist". The same was with Batman scene. You see orange banding on ROG, but that orange didnt exist, S7 just added lacking colors, and ROG is missing Red. This is as Simple as that.

    So I cant agree that testing with taking photos is better "because it reveals things that eye doesnt see”. Human eye is the best testing device, because displays are made for eyes, not for cameras.

    I just refunded my ROG 5. If something does not meet my expectations, I just dont keep it. This is simple solution and there is no sense to fight with that, at least for me. I can live without ROG, and I can say to Asus: "try better next time".

    Good luck.

  • Very well said by you.. danish you always say that Rog 3 display is very good high quality but it doesn't matter the display is good or bad..being a customer we see the end result.. we are not developers that we will calibrate the display ourselves.. therefore if the end product is bad then it's simply of cheap quality..

    My Rog 3 display is very very bad... I spend 50k Indian rupees for that device and a device of 15k can outperform my device in display quality.. so for the phone that is so expensive it is not acceptable..

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