Wondering why ASUS does sabotage its own Laptop ;) = Ridiculous Audio and Annoying Fan Noise

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  1. System: S533UA-KJ121T - Ryzen 5700u, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD.
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: S533UA-KJ121T
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Permanent


Detailed description:I am just wondering, why would ASUS sabotage its otherwise very nice product ;) The cooler fan noise and terrible Realtek audio chip with buggy drivers disqualifies the otherwise perfect all-round machine. Really pity!

  1. The cooling fan noise is not acceptable for the almost EUR 1k Laptop. The frequency spectrum of the noise is annoying and it also gets loud on pretty every occasion beyond static web browsing. Additionally it turns on/off really frequently with an audible clicky sound. The temps are OK around 35 - 50 C at idle or low CPU use. It gets really loud when demanding CPU power, and hot too, with around 90 C. I am quit sure it is as specified and not malfunctioning. Unfortunately. To be honest I must add the CPU freq stays stable and no significant thottling happens, really powerful - which is nice :)
  2. The Realtek... I wonder anyway, why nothing has changed in the last 20 years in the Windows world about this terrible audio solution. Actually the analog out audio sound on the headphones is pretty OK. When you get thru the mess of choosing the right (WASAPI/MME/ASIO/DirectSound etc.) in your audio application, try and error the right sample rate, bit depth and buffer sizes. Otherwise only cracking / popping sound of unsynced audio clock and buffer stuttering. Reinstalling drivers, trying different versions etc. nothing really helps. I am really curious why nobody from ASUS or other big PC vendor eventually start making some decent audio chips in their products, at least in Laptops. Realtek is really bad, and nothing has changed in like 2 decades :D Only thing they made is a shitty toy "realtek console" for Windows where you can play with some cheap convolution and poor EQ. But the drivers itself, buffer size (like 1024 smps? wtf) are a mess. I know there are better and worst Realtek audio chips, but the one in S15 is definitely the worst I got :( And it is year 2021, not 1999 on WinXP...

Otherwise it could be an almost perfect Laptop. Anyone from ASUS reading this? Maybe worth considering to push Realtek little more to make a decent chip and driver including ASIO :D - And the fan noise please :)


  • Hi there,

    Thank you so much for the feedback.

    I have reported them to related department for future design improvement.

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