Any way to contact asus about possible updates and impelemenations?

edited June 2021 in ROG Phone 3

i now bought the TwinView Dock 3 and wanted to have some nintendo emulators running on them (Especially games which NEED multiple displays to work)

But the dock feels like someone missed the point of two displays in many areas

not being able to use it as a keyboard, to have it as an extended first screen or stuff like that

and forced Landscapemode

I can't browse reddit and reply in Whatsapp and even if i only have Whatsapp open, i can't use it correctly since everything is forced into landscape on one Screen

Is there any way to contact them and ask for atleast the extended mainscreen support?

just like the Samsung for example

i bought the ROG Because i wanted to have the abillity to NOT HAVE to use both screens to play nintendo emulators and now i'm Regretting even getting the dock


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