Faulty display..cheap quallity display on ROG 3

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  • As I have already debunked, the hardware is fine, it's just being handled very badly.

    Which can be speficially looked at here:

    On the last page you can see how Gustav did forward it to the devs, hence I expect there is a fix in the works. Probably proivded with the final A11 release.

  • here is his last post on the topic:

    So stop spreading nonsense about it being a cheap panel.

  • Asus is cheat company wasted my 50k on rog 3 ..four times I got screen replacement for dead pixels and black crush.but still there is heavy black crush. Service centre guy while changing the display entered dust in all four camera lenses. Asus should refund my money or exchange my phone with new one. Iam using screen balance app to fix black crush but colours get washed out and blacks become dark grey. Plz if anyone has solution for black crush then help me.And a tip for new users never buy Asus phone in future.

  • You're quite persistant aren't you?

    Also the phone has 3 cameras not 4, so not sure what you mean with dust on 4 lenses.

  • You mad .... Phone has 3 rear cameras and 1 front camera ,so total 4 cameras...have u ever seen asus rog 3 ??

  • I never use the front camera so I completely forgot its existance :'D

    Point goes to you :D

  • Sorry for my rudeness I was pissed....service centre people of asus have no skill.. they work in environment full of dust therefore dust into the cameras...and on top of it they are unable to clean dust..they don't have any equipment or tool to clean dust..therefore display + camera both have been ruined now...phone is still under warranty but asus will not exchange phone nor they are able to clean dust..so what is the point of warranty.thats why iam saying asus is a fraud company whose main objective is to earn profit only...they don't give a damn about customer satisfaction.

  • No, you got something wrong there, Service center are 3rd party centers that work for ASUS. This also makes it so that depending on region where you live the quality of service center is very very very different. For instance here why I live the service center is very competent and fast. If they indeed did dust the cameras and you have warranty please contact @Gustav_ASUS for support, he might help you because dusted cameras is not acceptable.

  • If there is dust entred by any means into the camera bump or on lenses, than it is requested to you go back to service centre and show them whatever you are facing and surely they will help you out if they see a record claiming your device have been serviced few days back at there centre.Also they have a rule of about 3 days after the day of repair to show your problem as soon as after repair with what you are not satisfied with. Beyond that if you have completed more than 3 days than i still suggest you go back and have a soft communication with service centre manager and staff and request them to look after your problem, if they really care about the service than they will really be happy to help you out. Also it is not that hard to clean dust particles entred inside so hopefully they should agree. Also your device under warrenty is +1.

    For black crush issue it is what it is for now and you are not alone to report. ASUS is still working on it and you will see improvement with future FOTA.


  • Hi jerquait,

    Please share your details regarding service issue. I have sent you a PM, thanks.

  • I have showed dust into the cameras the moment they changed display and returned my phone..They tried their best to clean but every times dust enters the lenses.The service centre is 300 kilometres away from my work place and I have visited them four times already.They cannot clean that dust they have already given up on this because their workplace and where they fix phones is full of dust .. that means the service centre does not have dust free cabin to fix phone.I have already wasted my so much money in travelling and so much leaves I have already taken for this purpose but still my money and time have been wasted.So there is no point I will go back to service centre for dust issue as I know they cannot clean dust there.They don't even have microfiber cloth to clean dust they use their handkerchief to clean.So I cannot afford to go back there again for fixing this.If you can exchange my phone with new one or even buy this phone for 35 thousand .I bought this phone for 50 thousand thought and have not been able to use much due to persisting issues in phone.currently my phone is in brand new condition with no scratches no physical damage with dust particles in all four cameras.So if you can exchange my phone with new one or buy back this phone for less then also it's ok. I have already been cheated.

  • They are 3rd party or 2nd party why should I care about this.Asus should worry for this.Iam a customer bought this phone and it's still under warranty.service centre entered dust in camras and they are not able to clean and they have given up on this.Is it my fault that due to dead pixels in display I went to service centre when phone was only 20 days old..is it my fault..or it was my fault that I bought Asus rog 3 instead of big brands like samsung and OnePlus offering me better products for same price

  • For much better help please respond to PM from MOD share your personal details to them and they are ready to help on your matter and trust me if MODS are having a look into your matter than most probably they will take care that you get satisfied service hassle free. So please have a good converstation with MOD in P. M

    YOU will get soultion in coming days.


  • I hope they would.Otherwise till now no body helped me from Asus.Even service centre people were cursing asus for selling abysmal quality of display.

  • Sometimes not every thing goes well and is perfect and so i feel sad that you are that unlucky person but no worries i hope they will give a solution to make you happy.

    Lets hope for the very best.. 😊

  • Is there anyone to help me??

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    You will surely get reply on Monday. saturdays and sundays MODS are less active (weekend off). If you are lucky enough there are chances that you may get a reply today as well. so wait is only option here.

  • Amit bro...is there any possibility of them exchanging my phone??

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