Rog 3 wifi resets before i can sign into my xfinitywifi.

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Using rog 3 strixx edition phone the one that's unlocked for everywhere that accepts GSM networks, as is out of the box and it won't lemme log into xfinity wifi the wifi resets too fast cause there's no internet connection since I didn't log in yet and I can't log in cause it auto resets and nothing in options let's me change the refresh rate, please help?


  • Not sure what this xfinity wifi is? can you clearify? because as it sounds it's simply an issue that happens sometimes where 2 devices want to connect to the same channel, usually resetting router fixes this.

  • Its a mobile "hotspot" for xfinity users to access wifi by using a dedicated wifi signal that propagates from all xfinity routers in the area that anyone can login to if they are in the area

  • right, basicially it sounds like the authentication process fails at some point. Maybe ask the xfinity community or support what to do in that case, i don't think its the phone but either some settings or something else.

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