Headphone/Earphone not working properly

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When I plug in my earphone, it did not detect properly, sounds still goes on speaker. It needs to remove and plug in again several times to be able to listen with earphone/headphone. ease fix this ASAP. And 1 more ,when I play pubg and starts recording, sounds goes out on speaker and needs to close all apps and plugged in again 3 to 5 times to connect to headphone.


  • I can confirm this issue too. It also happened in the past but now it also happens again, even more often.

    I don't know if this issue is happening when I have my phone in a pocket and not laying anywhere down, but I can confirm if I travel with the train and my mobile connection is getting worst in some areas, this issue happens way more often. I must reconnect the USB-C to Headphone Jack connector many times to get the problem solved and in really weird low connection areas the sound quality volume is also not the same, sometimes on the same settings louder, and sometimes quieter. If think everything has to do with the same issue and maybe your Audioassistant software needs an Update/Fix @Gustav_ASUS this is really a big issue that has to be solved ASAP, please.

  • Sometimes it detects my earphone but suppose when some other apps is opening or some notifications comes, it automatically removes the earphone....... NEEDS to FIX this ASAP.

  • Hi All,

    Can you all confirm whether its the 3.5mm Jack to Type C dongle where you are connecting your headphones/earphones?

    Also, all music/video App have this issue?

  • sehisehi Level 1

    Yes what ever the c dongle received in the box same dongle we using, keeping phone in the pocket suddenly headset get disconnect. I don't know it's dongle issue or phone c port issue I should check that...

  • Yes sir. We are using the one that comes in the box. I havn't try type C earphone but other phones like black shark doeant have problem like this. Please fix this ASAP, I needs to plug in and out more than 20 times for the earphone to get connected/detect, but mean while listenging music or playing youtube, some notification showed up and Earphone directly gets disconnected somehow. Especially when I use the side panel C Port. The main reason seems to be is when I connect type C on side panel, it detects like USB charger is connected. I am attaching screenshot as well. The screenahot I attached, it shows like this when I connect 3.5mm earphone jack to type C cable. I even tried other dongle but it happens like this. Maybe software problem?

  • Is it possible to add an option that whenever type C is connected, let there be an option of whether it is earphone mode or charging mode.?

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