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  1. Model: G17 G712LU-EV00
  2. OS: WIN10
  3. App Name: Armoury Crate


Detailed description:I bought this laptop 2 weeks ago. After a week, armourycrate user session started to eat like 20% of CPU while idling. I started to look forward to solve this problem and the best way was to completely uninstall Armoury Crate and wait for an stable update. I unistalled it using official unistaller + geek uninstaller and everything was fine. After some time, i wanted it back because of the Aura Creator but here's the problem. I can't install it, the setup just doesn't open. I double click it, a window like a cmd pops-up for a half of a second and that's it. That's the result when i run compatibility troubleshooter.


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