New laptop of inferior quality?

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I've bought new Zenbook UX325J which looked really great! It's slim, powerful, and cool!

Then, within he first month, issues started to happen... At first, there was screen flickering for a second. After a while, the screen started turning off randomly.

And finally, I couldn't work at all as the effect appeared almost constantly. It didn't light up until I switched the laptop off for some time.

I sent it to the official service center and they told they hadn't faced such problems with this model before. Then, it became even more interesting. The service hadn't call me for a week. I called them and it appeared there was screen cable replaced. It didn't help and they replaced the motherboard (and something else, too). Promised me to test it within a few days. Nothing happened. I called them and they told there was one more part ordered from ASUS.

I'm wondering now, will they rebuild the whole laptop, except for maybe its case? How could they even want to return it to me after all of this?

I didn't expect such a quality from the manufacturer. That was my first choice of Asus laptop and I always remembered Asus by its famous motherboards and video cards. It really did cost every penny and that was no cheap! I'm afraid, these great old times long gone now...


  • Hi there,

    May you share the product SN or RMA number in the PM I send you?

    Thank you.

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