White lines On Screen

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  1. System: Windows 8.1
  2. Battery or AC: Battery
  3. Model: A551LN
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Often
  5. Reset OS: No
  6. Screenshot or video:
  7. ===============================etailed Description: My laptop has had this issue for about 4 months. At first, the issue was light. It was only a REALLY THIN grayed out line at the bottom most and was barely noticeable so I ignored it. But the next month, the problem escalated, there were white lines half as tall as the one on the picture, with a pitch black line at the bottom most (really thin). Next month, the problem grew again.. The white lines became as tall as the one in the picture, and sometimes the bottom most (half as tall as the white lines) would go pitch black. Sometimes the whole white area would flash white crazily. Then the next month, that white line at the top appeared, the white line grew all the way up there. Now the problem varies randomly, sometimes it's just like on the picture, sometimes it would be pitch black at bottom-most, and sometimes it would be white lines on the whole screen (except for the top-most part). Extra note : this problem began to happen not long after my battery couldn't be detected anymore. it might have relation to this, not sure.==


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    Here's the picture, for some reason the picture couldn't appear on the post

  • Hi there,

    Please kindly send your device to our service center for further examination.

    Thank you.

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