Can someone try running virtual machines on Rog phone 3? Is it possible to run windows 10 vm

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Run windows 10 vm on Rog phone 3 to play pc games.

865+ having arm architecture so is there a way?


  • You could possibly do so but it would be absolutely meaningless. The moment you try to emulate you drop in performance. PC games would run horribly on it, look no further than the M1 chip from apple.

  • I would recommend to use Moonlight instead to remote connect to your computer (needs a Nvidia Graphics card)

  • There are various cloud gaming solutions such as GeForce now, from Sony and microsoft. However it has a monthly subscription which is not cheap.

    I can even spin a vm in Aws or Azure and access it via my phone that's not cheap at all.

    I'm just looking for a cheaper solutions.

    If any os supports arm64 then It's achievable however can't say about the performance because again it's a mobile processor.

  • Moonlight is free though. It's not a subscription service, it uses your Nvidia Graphics card (You just need Nvidia GeForce Experience installed) . I'd say give it a look, it works amazingly.

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