Request for Asus ROG phone 5, files and tools



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    The moral of the story is you should have waited for an official seller with official software in your country but didn't so this is on you 100%. I can't fathom the mindset that makes you believe you're entitled to anything from a modified grey market device.

  • 1.) Because tencent models are cheaper, the fact that you have been absolutely ripped off is a different matter. If you look at previous models, tencent models typically are 300-400usd cheaper compared to global versions.

    2.) Correct, you were the one doing the bad decision and mistakes, not ASUS. You had a Huawei according to your own statement and they don't oficially support unlocking bootloader on their newer devices, so this means it shouldnt have been news to you that you might not be able to unlock the bootloader or have limited bootloader unlock attemps. Even some samsung devices aren't unlockable:

    3.) Exacly you're free to attempt to unlock the bootloader but do it at your own time. You can do whatever you want with it, but not with tools provided by ASUS. If you want to unlock bootloader and mod your device then by all means do so, nobody is stopping you from doing it.

    4.) Nope, why should ASUS care for you? They should care for you if you purchased oficially from them and didn't tamper with the phone that voids their warranty. The one who should care for you is the seller that sold a modified phone, not ASUS.

    Stop wasting your time here, ASUS cannot help you. You need to take the fight to the reseller that scammed you, you know he scammed you, there is clear evidence that you have been scammed so why not take it to the platform the seller used to sell the product to you?

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    yeah i agree ASUS support team in this forum can not help me as they seem useless and a bit shallow.

    and yes i agree i did a mistake, that mistake was purchasing asus device. not from grey market as you claim. but because they do not own up to thier users.

    and no it was not huweaie it was oneplus. ehich has a far superior support team and use valuation.

    and I am the people, I am the user, I am the buyer. with out me. Asus do not exist, you do not exist.

    and finally, you do not carry any official forum title. nor are you on the moderators list. so i am assuming you are a fan boy. and the worst type of them. and it seems you are the reason such support is not provided to users, because you are always happy about your favorite corporation in the world that you answer every survey and pulse check with all good boss. carry on. and if all is good and well they will not provide the required support. i have seen apple fanboys, samsung. but asus, in the mobile division, i have not. P.S i am asus fanboy, however in the PC component and laptops, not mobile. they have a very long road to earn such a status.

    so i suggest, either you a solution in unlocking bootloader of such evices, else shut it and move on. the original post was not meant for you, it was mean to forum support team.

    Have a good one, fan boy.

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    they could have released a warning in thier press release. be ware of tencent sold in global. do not buy, shaddy, un approved. buyers we want your best intrest.

  • Useless and shallow? from a user who was stupid enough to get scammed expecting free service.

    Not grey market? Tencent version with global rom is now considered legit because you want it to be? Don't be silly.

    Oneplus having superior support? Looking at the black crush complaints I cannot see that anywhere :'D

    You are the people? You can clone yourself or something? Pretty sure I exist even without you getting scammed.

    I am a forum user who has common sense. I can write into nonsense crying topics like these whenever I want. Also calling someone an ASUS fanboy that literally made topics informing people about what a mess the Rog5 is is quite hilarious as it is. You have perfecly demonstrated how ignorant you truly are.

    They did enough warnings, the fact that they need to send a huge sign with it to your adress until you get it is quite concerning to say the least.

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    The bottom line is you won't get support on how to unlock a bootloader (again) on Zentalk as your reseller has unlocked the device officially already.

    This is why I have suggested XDA on earlier post if you're willing to continue to have what you have. Otherwise, you will need to settle it through your reseller/authority body. ASUS is just the supplier of the phones, what resellers do is up to them really.

  • Lmao you are the people? If the people are like you then I would love to be an alien

    I am also the user and the buyer,I paid 1333 euros including some accessories for the rog 3,and you think me and everyone who paid OFFICIALLY to either don't get scammed or to support the company, don't exist? What's wrong with you?

    You do know that ASUS doesn't care for just 1 customer,legit even if you don't support them,I will,and anyone who is TRULY satisfied with their asus devices

    And lastly I still think I exist,even if you believe otherwise so think again buddy

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    @Danishblunt  The fact that you keep acting like you are the best ASUS EMPLOYEE ever is really funny( incase it is not obvious you are just a member so act like it).

    The fact that this here is supposed to be a community to discuss and troubleshoot any technical difficulty by mods and users is funny with somebody like yourself.

    The fact that you continue to respond with warranty excuse is just funny.

    The fact that we are requesting unlock tools and firmwares (tools that void warranty , duh, hence warranty excuse is funny).

    The fact that the user has already lost his money and got a device with no warranty and seeking help from the community with people like you is funny.

    I had hoped that We would find a good supporting community with Asus (first experience with ASUS), but to the contrary this community has shown the lack of technical knowledge to advice the users seeking help from them.

    P.S from experience Ulefone has better Knowledgeable people who can design a phone and set documentation, firmware and tools for users to handle their devices what ever way they please. and they use Google drive (come on). For this I blame ASUS.

    More P.S I am not sure how good or how big is Ulefone but that is what I have experienced.


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    All I can see are people who Think they are Asus Support employees(you are not, you are supposed to be users who share good information with others), , if you don't have the information requested then don't just go on commenting nonsense.

    Every one using warranty excuse here in a community where users share information is not an excuse you know why specially in the thread it is because THE USER WANTS TO VOID WARRANTY HE IS LOOKING FOR WAYS ON HOW TO VOID WARRANTY

    To let you know I contacted the REAL ASUS SUPPORT and guess what they know that my device is Chinese with global rom and they helped me with unlocking my device.


    specially @Danishblunt I think you need to see a doctor.


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    to All fan boys out there,

    yes i am the people, you are not.

    yes i have paid for an authentic asus device, no it is not shaddy

    yes i do understand that the device is meant for chinese market, no i dont think i got scamed

    yes i see asus is responsible for this fiasco, no the responsibility is not on me

    yes i am far superior in understanding my rights, no you are not supposed talk down to me.

    yes i will be posting to this forum , no i dont think it is going to be helpfull, seeing the type of people here.

    yes i do believe that some people (such as your esteemed selves), are a** kissing in hope for free stuff, no i am lucky to understand that nothing is free in life, and i do have dignity to preserve my self from falling into such low levels

    and finally, yes asus is still responsible if such devices are shaddy as you claim, then they are responsible for that.

    now mod if any close the thread, because it is spiraling out of control.

  • So much crying from ignorant users. First you tell me I'm an employee, then you tell me I'm just a regular member, gigabrain confirmed.

    The fact that you're quite incoherent and refuse to apply basic logic is hilarious if anything. All i see are silly users who got scammed and whine on the forums now because they did get scammed and want freebies.

    The only one who has showcased a lack of knowledge is quite clearly you. No matter how you look at it, you do nothing but cry us a river. Also sell your Rog5 and go back to your "Ulefone" then.

    As for your information crying, I am quite sure I know more about the devices than you do. Also no, he is not looking to void warranty, he is looking for unlocking his bootloader again because warranty was voided by the seller already and his unlock was wasted by the seller before he could even do it himself.

    The amount of crying and incoherent blah blah lets me assume you're either very young or you might suffer from some kind of mental illness, whatever the case may be, please refrain from clowning on the forums, thanks.

  • Oh so mr. clown has special priviledge over others? I see so your money means more than out money now?

    You have paid for a modded ASUS device that lost its warranty and free unlock, not only that but you overpaid as well getting scammed because you're quite dumb to begin with.

    Correct, the phone was meant for chinese market hence having a chinese rom from factory not GLOBAL, hence yes, your dumb ass got scammed as you lost warranty and your free unlock from ASUS.

    You're the one responsible for this as you were stupid enough to purchase a tampered device.

    You don't understand anything, it seems whereever you live you have no rights considering how the seller was able to not only scam you but it also seems you cannot do a single thing about it hence now you resort to crying on the forums about free service from ASUS.

    Literally making threads about how awful the throttlephone 5 is and showing a clear distaste in how poorly the rog 5 has been handled and designed sure is a great way of kissing ASUS's a** and will sure make ASUS send me free stuff. (btw if you cannot see that i'm being sarcastic then for the love of god get help)

    Nope, they aren't they cannot help it you're not smart enough to read.

    It's not like it's a well known thing since the Rog2 or anything.... Oh wait, it is. Not only is it plastered throughout the zentalk forums but it's a known topic in XDA as well, but somehow your silly brain cannot seem to get information through that thick skull of yours.

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    👏👏 someone give this guy some reward.

    i will stop wasting my precious time quarreling with some dim wit, who thinks a corporation has control over an item he paid for.

    also the fact the you mentioned it" free unlock", that means it was meant to be used once most likely for conversion and not as a user right to the device.

    and if its about money a paid unlock, just say so. ask for it directly. do not sell software to third party to charge x amount of money giving them the ability to unlock for certain price.

    get a brain. get some self respect. and finally who appointed you lawyer and defender of the company.

    mods god damn it, you do not want to help, lock the damn thread

  • Yes mods lock the thread it seems as if we have a case of fact checkers and trolls again,please close it so that we can move on

  • I'm locking this thread as it has completely gone off-topic. (Not to mention that productivity and civility seemingly left the thread several posts ago. Is this really the climate you want here on Zentalk?)

    It's certainly not what we want or will tolerate. Be friendly toward other users or don't be here at all. It's not rocket science guys.

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