Request for Asus ROG phone 5, files and tools

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ASUS_I005DA
  2. Firmware Version: WW_18.0830.2101.81
  3. Rooted or not: No, not yet

I have the ROG phone 5, tencent edition, i recieved it with global firmware, i tried to use the bootloader unlock app, but the phone reboots into its previous state with out formatting.

I'm requesting to have all necessary tools and files so i can get the phone to function properly

RAW files, ROM files tools to flash them, and proper bootloader unlock method

appreciate your support



  • mmgxmmmmgxmm Level 1

    @kikoly @Titan_ASUS @Laura_ASUS @Mister @Anders_ASUS @Kris_ASUS

    if any of you guys could help us!

    at least avail the proper way to unlock the bootloader, also how to fully reflush the firmware.


  • Hi @mmgxmm

    All the tools should be available on the support site.

    Unlock tool is missing now. We've sent a request to update it.

  • mmgxmmmmgxmm Level 1
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    thanks @Kris_ASUS for the reply, i update ww to the latest ww release and the unlock tool there did not work.

    also i saw few posts saying that tencent variant converted to ww are not legit, and we are being scammed is this true?

    is my phone authentic or have i been scammed?

    will it have any boot / recovery problems ? and is there a proper way to flush ww firmware that correct all errors if any?

    thank you very much, your reply means a lot

  • mmgxmmmmgxmm Level 1


    any updates on the updated unlock tool?

    also i ran the adb command "fastboot oem device-info"

    it seems the 1 time unlock relock has been consumed.

    can you guys arrange to raise this to developers to allow more unlocks? the sellers are not welling to take back the devices. its my first experience with asus, and don't want it to be my last.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot oem device-info


    (bootloader) Verity mode: true

    (bootloader) Device unlocked: false

    (bootloader) Device critical unlocked: false

    (bootloader) Charger screen enabled: true

    (bootloader) Device authorized: false

    (bootloader) Device authorized2: false

    (bootloader) WaterMask unlock: N

    (bootloader) XBL: Post-CS3-30-ZS673KS-user

    (bootloader) ABL: Post-CS3-25-WW-user

    (bootloader) CID: ASUS

    (bootloader) COUNTRY: WW

    (bootloader) Project: ZS673KS

    (bootloader) DT ID: 100

    (bootloader) SB: Y

    (bootloader) SBNR: Y

    (bootloader) DDR Manufacturer ID: 1

    (bootloader) DDR Device Type: 8

    (bootloader) TotalDMCounter: 0

    (bootloader) DMCounter: 0

    (bootloader) SlotARetryCounter: 0

    (bootloader) SlotAUnbootableCounter: 0

    (bootloader) SlotBRetryCounter: 0

    (bootloader) SlotBUnbootableCounter: 0

    (bootloader) BOOT_COUNT: 32

    (bootloader) LOCK_COUNT: 1

    (bootloader) Check_APDP: 0

    (bootloader) rawdump_en: false

    (bootloader) Current Slot: b

    (bootloader) Slot_b bootable: Bootable

    (bootloader) AVB Verity: Enable

    (bootloader) Verify vbmeta ret: 0

    (bootloader) ABL_FTM: FALSE

    (bootloader) SNAPSHOT-UPDATE-STATUS: none

    OKAY [ 0.080s]

    finished. total time: 0.080s

  • @Kris_ASUS can the bootloader be unlocked and locked multiple times

    And if yes then we are facing a problem with the unlock tool as the device Asus Rog 5 restarts but nothing happens bootloader is not unlocked and device is not wiped help pls

  • mmgxmmmmgxmm Level 1

    yes this tool did not unlock the bootloader!.

    i paid a large sum to an online seller who is refusing to refund and return the device.

    now i am stuck with a device that i can not unlock its bootloader.

    kindly requesting urgent support from asus's team to provide the optimal support this reputable company is known for.

    assign a developer on this case, most of people buying the phone with a desire to root or unlock the botloader will be stuck.


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    It's a device intended for the Chinese market that has been flashed by your reseller before selling it to you.

    I want to stress that it's not a configuration that we are ofifically selling. We can't guarantee that it will function properly and we recommend that you contact your reseller if you run into any issues with your device.

    Also note that you will not receive FOTA updates since the model and ROM don't match. Updates will have to be installed manually.

  • mmgxmmmmgxmm Level 1

    brother from another mother.

    i am already stuck. i used to buy other brands that were meant for chinese market, and was able to use them with no issues.

    the resller informed me that this device was tencent edition, and i agreed, not knowing that asus implements bootloader restrictions.

    now when i ask the reseller to take back the device, he refused.

    this is my first experience with asus. why should i be punished because asus is unable to control thier resellers and jamming thier wrath on the poor end user.

    if asus do not want thier chinese market devices to reach global markest, then the solution is to hunt down the reseller, not make things harder for the end user.

    i own a device, i paid the amound due. i should have all the right to do with it as i please.

    its either asus, gives me my rightful permessions, or should arrange to replace my current device with a proper device.

    if you gys are replacing my device, i would ultimate pls

  • It is very well documented that unlocking the bootloader via the tool only works once, it was also known on the Rog3 as well.

    You cannot make ASUS responsible for being scammed, that is just ridicolous. You're the one that didn't do his research despite being threads all over the zentalk forums and warnings about tencent versions being flashed with global versions. This even goes back to even the Rog2 and Rog3.

    You have the right to do whatever you please, but you cannot expect ASUS to support you when you do so. You have to find other ways to unlock the bootloader again. ASUS uses to tool to unlock the bootloader to blacklist devices and make sure warranty is void. You also won't get the ROG updater to work and have to manually install updates. Only thing you can do is get support from the company or site you purchased the phone from. You cannot expect ASUS to help you in any way.

  • mmgxmmmmgxmm Level 1

    no i didnpt do the reasearch because it is basic android knowledge that if you want to unlok bootloader you can,

    also as i stated earlier, i did not use asus before, therefor unaware that the bootloader unlock is one time only.

    yes i do hold asus responsible for taking such action against the end user, when they should pursue to limit the resellers from doing what they do not want them doing.

    it is asus's responsibility to either find me a solution or go and hunt down these resellers.

    the reseller i bought from has no resposibility towards me, as he advertised it as tencent with global ROM.

    i have used multiple brands before that were chinese converted to global. non had such issue. oneplus, xiaomi, huweaei. etc.

    simply put, you can't control it, devices are being shipped all over the world, its just plain stuiped to punish the customer.

    find alternate solution to your problem or stop manfacturing

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5
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    Your intention was to unlock your bootloader anyway from the other thread, so it doesn't really make any difference whether ASUS helps or reseller refuses. With regards to unlock again, you should visit XDA as I have mentioned in the other thread.

  • 1.) You're funny, some android phones are not unlockable, you should know that if you're indeed doing research. Huawei which you named yourself being one of them not being unlockable.

    2.) Doesn't matter if you used ASUS before or not, doing research would have let you known about it beforehand.

    3.) There is only so much ASUS can do about it, if anything you should do something about the site/seller itself.

    4.) None of those things are ASUS's responsibility. It's your responsibility as a consumer to do research before you purchase. All ASUS's responsibility is to inform the potential customers about scummy practices, which ASUS does as you can see in the zentalk forums.

    5.) If he advertised it as a tencent with global rom then you're the one who has to deal with it.

    Basicially, you're the one that needs to find a solution yourself, you purchased a phone that knowingly has been crossflashed meaning you dropped both support and warranty. You cannot expect ASUS to support you because you forfeited it the moment you purchased the phone.

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    You need to actually pay Huawei like 60$ for the unlock code lmao and their development (Open Kirin) is pretty much dead anyways

    Gcam compatibility is too not that great

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    Asus has always said Tencent models with global rom is not an combination they sell

    Tencent = China specific model

    If you check Rog 2/3 forums there are posts on both those forums to warn against buying tencent models (not that the difference Is a lot) just about band support and no fota as long as you know what you're getting into the lower priced Tencent models are actually a sweet deal

    Plus I don't think Asus has started global sales yet the only Rog 5's I see in the wild right now are the Tencent variants

    The resellers flash WW rom on it and I think some probably don't even clarify the models the buyer must check the seller info carefully imo anyways this is not something that is under asus's control

  • mmgxmmmmgxmm Level 1

    ok, i agree on all of what you've said, however, asus's best solution to this problem is to provide support for us users, who were victims to 1- no knowledge of asus ecosystem 2- resellers who do not provide all fact although they know of such issues with tencent edition that were reflashed with ww firmware.

    i really hope someone can help us.

    i really like my asus Rog 5, and do not want to sell it for very cheap because i could not use it as i desire.

  • Wrong, It's no solution to waste ressources after users have decided to cheap out on ASUS and buy from scetchy resellers. YOU decided to not give money for support and help, then don't expect support and help.

    ASUS has made it very clear that tencent models are much cheaper and don't have warranty + support. The fact that you still expect full support is quite ridiculous.

  • I wrote a long reply but it did not post :(

    so here I go again.

    The fact that you are using warranty as an excuse is funnier than the user requesting Unlock tools that would void their warranty anyway.

    The fact that you keep acting like you are the best Asus employee is more funnier ( you are just a user hording for the leaderboard so just act like it)

    This is my first experience with ASUS device and community, it is not promising as of now.

  • Imagine the following scenario:

    You're selling cars, now a company buys a lot of cards from you, then modifies them, causing them to malfunction way more than usual. Now a bunch of people are calling you wanting free repairs and free support and time from your employees which you have to pay monthly.

    You have 2 choices:

    1.) Help tons of people and go bankrupt because you're constantly losing money

    2.) Tell them warranty void because it literally says so in your contract when selling the product and stay as a company.

    Guess what ASUS is choosing? This is exacly why you're not owning a company because you'd do piss poor decisions.

    As for the leaderboard blah blah, who even cares?

  • mmgxmmmmgxmm Level 1

    cheeping out? I paid over 1200$ for this device. how the hell did i cheap out on asus?

    i looked for devices, found this, the reseller said this is TenCent with global ROM, in my ignorance with ASUS product, and my more than pleasurable experience with other manufacturer Chinese phones with global rom devices. i proceeded into buying this device.

    so i would request that you reconsider your impression of cheaping out.

    at the END ASUS made a device, Made it available in the market, who ever distributed it did, eventually a consumer paid for the device with thier money. the consumer owns all the right to the god damn device.

    so do not lecture me about cheaping out

    and do not lecture me about why i should care for ASUS, on the contrary, ASUS should care for me.

    i am thier profit stream

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