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I am install new windows home 10 and screenpad not working corectly.

Yesterday, when I was old windos 10, screenpad start with screenpad splash and go to "screenpad wallpapers with icon" but now with new windows, I see screenpad wallpapers for 2 second, screenpad splash and screenpad wallpapers with icon.

Can you help me with this, please?



  • First tell us the model of you Laptop. Secondly try to be more clear about the problem you are facing.

    You made a new windows 10 installation and screenpad is not working properly or the problem are the wallpapers and the splash screen?

    Again, and of most importance, don't forget to give us the model of you laptop.

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    My model is UX434FQ-A5053T.

    I send video from my NTB startup:

    And my question is, why I see, wallpaper, splash screen and wallpaper with icons.

    Because, my first instalation was, splash screen and wallpaper with icons.

    Reinstall drivers, not help me. Maybe can me help screenxpert from another web, than microsoft store.

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    Hi don't really know that, but I guess it's because windows does other tasks before installing the driver or software for the ScreenPad. It happens to me also. I'll try to modify this order in mine to see if it helps and post my findings...

  • This was what I found.

    So perhaps what happens is, in the beginning the service loaded very fast, and you didn't had the time to see the wallpaper. Then you install new software, devices and services. Windows takes command on the order they are loaded, and the delays this cause shows the wallpaper before the splashscreen.

  • You know, how to set?

  • What do you mean? AFAIK you can only set services to start manually, automatic and automatic delayed start. The only way I see is you have to delay every other service to guarantee that screenxpert is the first one to be loaded.

    So my advice is forget and live with it. Even if you manage to do it, by the time you had more services, software's or peripherals the boot order could change (windows manages that automatically) and you would face the same problem.

    As I told you, it happens to me also, see attached video.

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