Red tint in youtube gone after latest update(.143)



  • 1.) rog5 has extremely crushed blacks. Even on highest brightness it looks digusting.

    2.) nope, no such thing as licensing a calibration lol

    also it doesnt matter if the video has HDR or not, on my fixed phone I don't see any pixalation be it HDR or SDR. Not even on images that would previously pixalate.

  • markovomarkovo Level 2
    edited March 2021

    No change in screen performance after .143 update.

  • MrBlackCrushMrBlackCrush Level 2
    edited March 2021

    I don't understand why at every update there are people saying "red tint gone, black crush gone etc.."

    I think that these people don't even know what they are talking about, red tint and black crush are still here at .143 as in all others versions, then if your eyes see these problems or not it's another story..

    As danishblunt said, the problem will be solved only when they will add gamma correction (no comment about using an Hdr 10+ display and ruining it in this idiot way..)

    I still would like to remind that all these problems seem to disappear in Hdr youtube videos, this is strange

  • Gustav has send the topic to the devs, it seems we can expect an official fix very soon! So no need to break your warranty anymore which is fanstastic, can't wait to see when the userbase finally shows some gratitude to the devs once its fixed :P

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