Android 10 stable update

When do we get Android 10 stable update. We are getting vaccines for covid-19. But asus was not giving A10 stable update for max pro M1. I am facing so many bugs due to this since 1 year, every time I expect asus will release A10 stable, but asus proved us wrong. May be we don't get A10 stable, because we can't trust asus. It's better to leave asus max pro M1. Other brands are working better than asus in providing the updates for their customers. But asus wasn't thinking about their customers.


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  • We wont get any update anymore since device is quite old now. Asus did a quite smart trick with updates, they released several basically same beta updates till device is way too old to release any actual update on it, now they're saying it's over 18 months old and software support is ended. It's pretty sinister thing to do but it's also smart act. what can we do :)

  • I will not beg for android 10 because, all the major features for which Android10 is known are already denied by asus team. So begging only for that gesture navigation and "Android 10" doesn't make any sense. But one thing is fine for me that at least Android Pie is pretty much stable now that device can be used for another year. If they release stable A10, its well and good. But if they are not gonna release, then there is no point for begging for it because it will not contain main A10 features.

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